Hi is there any suggestions that can be offered for helping through a meltdown? My son has sensory integration disorder, autism, learning/ developmental and speech delays. He has multiple meltdowns a day some caused by not being understood some by noises from cars passing by outside. I got him noise reduction headphones they help sometimes but sometime they don't help out. He has a quiet space to calm down but his meltdowns are getting to the point where it's taking him sometimes hours to calm down. I give him space and let him come to me when he is calm because if anyone goes near him during the meltdown it will last longer. More and more things that did not bother him before are now bothering him. Am I doing anything wrong should I try anything? Please I jus want to help my son through his struggles. #Autism #SensoryIntegration #meltdownsupport thank u for taking time for reading this and for the support