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What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About Your Mental Health

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If you’re a millennial you have probably been categorized in life by some fan-related question. 

“Which cabin would you be in in ‘Percy Jackson?’”

“Which Avenger do you think you are?”

“Who is your favorite Disney princess?”

If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked that question, I wouldn’t be in debt.

Your favorite Disney princess does say a lot about you though, in my opinion. Living in Orlando, Florida, I can’t walk more than five feet without seeing some form of Disney merchandise, and with that comes stories of what people have gone through, and how they’re currently processing it. I have to say, I’ve seen some trends in regards to favorite Disney princesses and mental health and trauma, and I’m curious to see just how many people really relate to their favorite character’s struggles and coping mechanisms.

If your favorite Disney princess is…


Ah Rapunzel.

Chronically lonely, waiting for someone to listen to her and yet there’s no one around. She’s so used to listening to someone that she thought she could trust, only to find out that she couldn’t.

If Rapunzel is your favorite princess, you probably felt trapped for a while, afraid to make your own decisions because you had no choice but to listen to someone else due to either manipulation or simply you now knowing better. You struggle with trusting your own instincts, and because of that you overly lean on other people and that can sometimes get you in trouble, which is a whole anxiety situation in itself.

Trust your instincts! I know it gives you anxiety, but I promise, you can trust yourself.


How’s that hyper independence going for you? 

Tiana has had no choice but to work two jobs her whole life because there were no handouts, no one she could call to help her, and even after having the means to secure her dream people still got in the way. She ends up finding people who can help, but the exact moment things seem to not be going right she runs. 

You definitely struggle with trusting others, which is the opposite of Rapunzel. You’ve had to work so hard by yourself to get everything done, that you don’t trust other people to either keep their word or get things done in the way you need them to be. Maybe a slight perfectionist on top of that.

It’s OK to need others. Promise. Trust is a muscle, and if you don’t stretch it out and use it, it only gets weaker.


Escapism is the name of the game for you, ain’t it?

Life gets hard, and oftentimes when it does for Cindy she has to go into her own head to escape from it all. Dreams are just dreams, and as much as they’re an escape, it’s also a means to forget that dreams can be a reality.

It’s OK to believe good things can happen to you. Escapism can help, and it’s not an inherently bad thing, though maladaptive daydreaming can be. 

Reality can be scary, but confronting it (and fighting for your dreams) is possible and so excruciatingly important.


You’re rebellious, aren’t you? 

Everyone outside of Jasmine kept trying to make decisions for her, and that drove her to literally running away and fleeing. Speaking up for herself was important, but it also caused some reckless and impulsive behavior, which is what you tend to do, or want to do.

Yes, life can be tough, but being reckless and impulsive sets you up for more failure more often than not. I get that you may also struggle with a fight trauma response, which also may make things harder for you.

Take a deep breath; not everyone is out to get you and dashing your way through life without thinking just to get away can make things a bit more difficult for you.


How is it being chronically lonely and having no friends?

Anna spends her whole life on her own even though she does have a sister that loves her very much. She keeps herself preoccupied, and is so desperate for love, attention, and care that she almost dooms her entire kingdom (granted, Elsa did almost unintentionally kill everyone and I personally think that’s worse, but that’s my personal opinion).

You have people who love you, but you don’t feel like your needs are being met, so you internalize them or go out seeking attention from people who don’t actually have your best interest at heart.

Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs to others as relationships (platonic or otherwise) are a two (or multi) way street.

We all grew up with Disney (for the most part) and it shaped so many of us. Just remember, what shaped us doesn’t have to make us. Your past isn’t your future, and you’re completely in charge of your own destiny. Let those dreams fly and as Walt said it best, “Fantasy and reality often overlap.”

Dream big princess, and take care of yourself while you’re at it too.

How accurate was I? Was your favorite princess on the list? Comment below and let me know.

Lead image courtesy of Disney Princess YouTube channel.

Originally published: June 16, 2022
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