× " I Worked Last Night's Shift... I Litterly Cleaned The Entire Store... There Was Help But The Kid Was Very Useless... And Never Pick's Up After Himself... So It's Very Rare For Me To Snap At Someone... Let Alone A Co-worker That's Not Helpful At All And Lazy. Now I Understand Why The Restaurant Industry S**K's It's The Most Body Breaking Disgusting Job Ever... I'm Alway's Cleaning Restroom's Etc... The Men's Was Horriable Someone Smeared 💩 All Over The Bathroom Wall's... And The Floor.. It Litterly Took Me 2 Hour's To Clean It Up... And The Women's Restroom Flooded With Brown Paper Towel In The Tolilet 's... I Re-Stocked Everything Took Out The Trash... So I Called In This Morning Because My Body Is Killing Me.. My Boss Wasn't Too Pleased Obviously... Well I Can't Alway's Be Your Only Employee Cleaning Everything All The Time. Other People Need To Start Doing The Same Thing's. She Has No Right To Be Mad At Me... For Calling In Sick My 1st Time... I Alway's Show Up In My Uniform.. And On Time... I Do Everything That She Ask's Of Me... I'm Loyal But At One Point... I Care About My Physical And Mental Health Alot Now... That I'm Starting To Break Down.. She Made Me Feel Bad For Calling In Today. " × #MentalHealthPhysicalHealth ☆☆ S. K. ☆☆