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    ◇ " Why Do I Even Bother Trying To Get To Know People On Here " ◇ #Thought 's

    ¡ " So Yesterday I Was Trying To Get To Know Somebody.. On Here.. And They Flipped Out On Me... Out Of Nowhere.. Because They Automatically Assumed That I Thought That They Were Ugly? Idk What's The Deal With Some People.. But If Your Asking For Advice... Friendship's... Don't Be Mean Back And Yell At The Person Trying To Help You... Breakthrough Your Issue's... Treating People Like Crap Will Not Gain You Friendship's... Or Loyal People In Your Corner.. I Don't Call People Ugly.. Alot Of People's Profile's Are Fake... So I Wanted To Be Sure And Safe.. That They Were Real... And This Person Got So Defensive Of Me Asking What They Looked Like. Because I Didn't Really Know If They Were A Woman Or A Man..." ☆ #I 'm DoneTryingToMakeFriendship's ☆SKADI☆

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    Standing on flat ground

    <p>Standing on flat ground</p>
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    Getting old and loosing your friends is sad !

    I will meet up with them soon # #I hope !

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    Nourishment Bistro- Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    <p>Nourishment Bistro- Cauliflower Crust Pizza</p>
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    × " I'm An Emotionless Person When It Come's To People Leaving Etc " × #I 'm..I Mean

    × " Like I Have Said Before.. I'm Used To Being By Myself.. So I'm Not Used To Missing Anyone... Because I Get The Well We Didn't Miss You Etc... So I Don't Play Into It At All Anymore... I'm I An A**Hole... I Don't Think So People Have Done This To Me My Whole Life... Leaving And Not Saying Anything... So When They Expect Me To Miss Them ? YOUR NOT GETTING AN ANSWER BUT AN HONEST " NO! I DID NOT "... I Save My Emotional Feeling's For People Who Actaully Mean Something To Me... My Sister Came Back From Her Trip... And Asked Me If I Missed Her... I Litterly Said No!.. How I'm I Supposed To Miss People When They Don't Even Bother To Say... Hey I'm Leaving... Etc... I Didn't Even Know That She Left For A Vacation... I'm I In The Worng For Not Missing People.. When In Return Don't Give A Shit When I Do Or Go Somewhere Etc.. Or Accomplished Any Of My Goal's. " × #VentingConfusion ☆ S.K. ☆

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    i dont know a title for this

    #I suffer badly with a difficult depressive state, i haven't told anyone about. So, I have never got on with my dad, we have had many standup arguments that were fierce and vulgar in language. ending up that i declare I don't like my dad. I have to put up with him as he is around and i love being with my mum. they are both 81yrs old and i am 57. it's only in recent years i have watched myself and I keep acting like my dad or saying things that sound just like my dad...i am too much like my dad!! i hate it, i hate myself for it and it makes me avoid social interactions when i can but being lonely living on my own my goal is to make more friends. but i know i can't if i am like my dad. Does anyone else suffer with this? It's killing me.

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    Anxiety and Overeating

    #I I eat too much because i can't stop thinking about food and I have gained weight with this always on my mind. I don't know if this is because i have anxiety and depression, which I've had for 30 years, or because I'm 73 with numerous aches and pains and don't move around as much. I just can't get the thought to eat out of my mind and telling myself "no" doesn't work. I was on a med along time ago which wouldn't let me get rid of a thought and had to change. I've been on Lexapro for 20 yrs and there are not many meds I haven't tried.

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    Im lost... i need somone ... theres no help

    #I have been hiding from my real problems for years with alcohol and drugs. Im sober now and dont do drugs and iv let my mental health take over . .. i now realise how un-well i am and there is no help .
    Im trying to cope but my moods switch like a light switch , i cant concentrate ...never have been able to, and my head never switches off.
    My anger at the smallest thing is absolutely out of place and i see it getting me in trouble.. still no help .
    What am i to do ... just give up ... anyone ???

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    #I just came off a manic episode after going off my meds for 3 days. I actually enjoyed it because I felt so upbeat and energetic. Somewhere in the midst of the episode I started to feel paranoid and physically drained from not sleeping so I started taking my meds since yesterday. I am so tired of the ups and downs and anxiety and feeling psychotic/feeling like no one understands me. Lately I've been thinking about ending everything but I can't come up with a method so I guess that's good. I'm angry that I don't have it in me. I wish I never had this f#"*&$+ disease, angry at the universe/ God, angry, just angry I have to live like this.#

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    Missing you

    <p>Missing you</p>