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Another day Happy new year

#I woke up with a cold and it’s bad and why not test for covid yup positive and I don’t want to go in hopefully I might have to if my breathing gets worse
Thanks for listening

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A Thought About Mental Health Professionals

#I have been living with schizophrenia for almost 40 years. I have found that many people have the common misconception that just because someone is a mental health professional, they are able to speak with authority on any mental health condition. This is like saying that because someone is an MD he can function as a general practitioner one day, a brain surgeon the next, perform open heart surgery the following day and just for good measure do a liver transplant the next. Dealing with psychosis requires a special skill set that most mental health professionals simply don't have. In their ignorance many of them think that they are qualified to deal with psychosis simply because they are mental health professionals and psychosis is a mental health issue.#MentalHealth #Psychosis #BipolarDisorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #Schizophrenia #MedicalProfessionals

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I thought I didn't want notifications

#I went to help somebody and I got a message permission denied


About saying goodbye

#I don't talk to her anymore because I hate reenacting the emotional neglect, the emotional distance, the disrespect, the contempt, the patronizing, the one-way conversation where only she gets to talk, and I only listen. There's a lack of love, a lack of curiosity, a lack of cherishing, carelessness, and the way she implies not loving me, not caring about me, thinking I am stupid, unworthy, or ridiculous, that if she could really choose, she would never have chosen me in the first place. If she could choose, I might not have been born. And I love my life, and I am learning to love myself because I wasn't loved. So, goodbye. I come first. My life matters, which is different from what you may think. Getting away from you is the biggest 'YES' to life that I can have, that's honoring life. I didn't have a mother when I was a child. That's it. I get to choose who will mother me now, in different ways.

#PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #neglect #MentalHealth

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So tired but can't sleep at night!!! How do you survive?

#chronic Fatigue
#let 's Talk Depression
#losing my Mind
What do you do when you're just done? When you don't care about who you hurt when you leave, you're just done.
#I 'm Fucking Done
#time To Be With My Angel Love

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#I I have ptsd plus a seizure risk. Today it was warm. Husband and I walked dogs. I needed to go in. I knew I had reached my heat tolerance. My husband said I only need a minute of your time. Anger. I said nothing went in. I may have a potential lomatrigine toxicity due to my dosage of sertraline. I immediately reduced my dose of sertraline. Doctor appt on 8/7. Sertraline has a half life of 66 hours. I need to keep my nervous system quiet. Later of course my husband says again you are not happy. He says it affects him. No one has the right to define my reality. I am happy. Content. But I am quiet. Later we had a shouring argument. I have been through this all my life. You are wrong you don't do this this and this. The truth- I have been seizure free 9+ years. I am also a retired nurse- was RN. I research do my best doing what my doctors say. My husband is a veteran. He has ptsd also but denies it. He is not sleeping. Many years. Now it is worse. I sleep. He complains about our dogs. My documented ESAs. They are active. Attention seeking. Protective. They give us kisses. They also have separation anxiety. I am taking a hard look at this. He expects people to do what they say. I should not have yelled. But thus dynamic repeats. It is always my fault. I need to decide if this is worth it. If he is. Any comments insight appreciated. He will not get help. Refused couples counseling over and over. My paternal grandfather died from epilepsy. I am his legacy. Through hard work compliance with doctors orders

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#I don't know what you want from me? To find a victim to torture? You don't ever offer anything that will help. You just want words to fill up your columns. Not once in 3 years has someone cared enough to offer a suggestion that would help. You can't all be stupid!

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