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    #Happiness is you

    #I found this quote and I think about all of us, take time to make your soul happy, even for some minutes, just do, or watch or read something that make you happy inside.


    Exhausted as f***

    OK, here's the thing: I'm exhausted as f***
    I work a lot every year. The only thing I needed was rest. Sleeping, reading, watching some series/movies, swimming in my pool… but all of that was ruined by my aunt and cousin. OK… not everything, but 80%.
    ##I hate parties. Especially, Christmas and New Year. I feel more depressed and all I want to do is sleep. But I can not. I need to help my dad cook these days.
    So every year my mom's whole family comes over to my house to celebrate with us and damn I hate it. I hate wasting time talking to people I don't want to talk to. My energy is totally drained from these situations and I just want to go downstairs and go back to my room.
    Instead, I need to stay and pretend I'm fine while feeling depressed, empty, and angrier than any other day.
    As if that wasn't bad enough, I have to deal with my aunt and my 4 year old cousin sleeping in my room with me. I confess that I'm not the type of person organized but my aunt is 100x more disorganized than me and that makes me angry. Those situations aside, I'm very fond of privacy, but I lost it when they came to my house.
    I go back to my work on January 6th extremely tired and depressed and will likely have relapsed and cu* myself again 😢
    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety

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    Abuse on all levels

    #I 've been tormented by others expectedness in order for others, including parents selfish expectations. I'm back living with a parent siblings and there disrespectful way of parenting as well as showing no unconditional love, concerns and respect. It seems to me that they are totally aware of there injustice and continue to drain me of my self motivations that would not only keep sharp but, claim my Independence while running into amazing opportunities to feel excepted by better sources.

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    Lyrics when word's don't come

    #I 'm on Instagram as @judithalaina. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. www.instagram.com/invites/contact

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    Hurting and Regret #greif #hurting #how do I cope? #Filled with REGRET

    I just received word of a Very Dear Friends passing. This is hitting me so hard right now, I don't know how to cope. It seems like I am always having people to either walk out of my life or the pass on to the next life. What is hitting me so hard is, I didn't know how sick they were and I now kind of realize that their last plea was a way to say goodbye and I completely missed it because of dealing with my own selfish health issues. I am now flooded with so many memories. What do I do now? My Heart is shattered once again from pain and grief. I have never been able to deal with death very well as I have experienced so much of it in my time here. To make matters worse I hate fighting these types of battles ALONE. It seems that I am always in a battle, Where is the Love, compassion and understanding?
    #Desperate to Heal
    #I just want Forever Love


    So Overwhelmed

    #I have so much going


    ◇ " Why Do I Even Bother Trying To Get To Know People On Here " ◇ #Thought 's

    ¡ " So Yesterday I Was Trying To Get To Know Somebody.. On Here.. And They Flipped Out On Me... Out Of Nowhere.. Because They Automatically Assumed That I Thought That They Were Ugly? Idk What's The Deal With Some People.. But If Your Asking For Advice... Friendship's... Don't Be Mean Back And Yell At The Person Trying To Help You... Breakthrough Your Issue's... Treating People Like Crap Will Not Gain You Friendship's... Or Loyal People In Your Corner.. I Don't Call People Ugly.. Alot Of People's Profile's Are Fake... So I Wanted To Be Sure And Safe.. That They Were Real... And This Person Got So Defensive Of Me Asking What They Looked Like. Because I Didn't Really Know If They Were A Woman Or A Man..." ☆ #I 'm DoneTryingToMakeFriendship's ☆SKADI☆

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    Standing on flat ground

    I'm having trouble even walking on flat ground.#I 'm not drunk. I feel like my legs are not my own. I haven't broke anything yet but this is the 4th time in 3 weeks. I'm like what else can happen. Why can't I have a break every once in awhile but it just keeps coming. I'm having trouble with not feeling overwhelmed. I just want to set and cry. My pain has increased and I'm getting nausea alot lately. I have so many things I want to do but can't do anything. I'm struggling with life right now###


    Getting old and loosing your friends is sad !

    I will meet up with them soon # #I hope !