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× " Who Is SKADI KVITRAVN.. " × #I 'amUnique#AndILiveWithDisabilite 's

× " I'am The Kind Of Person Who Is Mysterious And Opinionated... Shy... Introverted... With A Dry Sense Of Humor... I Will Open Up To People 1-1... Not In Group Setting's.. I Live With #ChronicPain #CerebralPalsy #P .T.S.D#s .A.D#Depression #Anxiety ..#sexualassultsurvivor#formermilitarywife..#mother ....I'am Kind.. Supportive..And Have A Huge Personality.. That Come's With A Massive Pure.. I Work Hard For The Thing'sThat I Want Or Don't Have In My Life... I Deserve Alot " × 🖤 ❤❣❤🖤 Sincerly, ☆☆ ☆ SKADI KVITRAVN ☆☆☆

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June was canceled for me!

Pretty much this whole month, I wish it didn’t happen. First I wound up with a cellulitis infection that had to heal. On the heels of that I tested positive for Covid! I’m three days into it..and my symptoms are super congestion, headaches, sneezing, (my nose is raw) occasional coughing fatigue, and some stomach upset. This strain of the variant virus is like an awful head cold.

My husband who goes out and about everyday has so far tested negative. We have both been fully vaccinated and I’ve even had double boosters.

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and metabolic syndrome, and had just recovered from a skin infection. I wondered if it was my weakened immune system that made me an easier target for the virus? So far three friends I’d seen a couple of days before I fell ill, all have been fine. -They might be asymptomatic, or hopefully by some miracle I’m the only one who’s become ill?

I was thinking last night that I would hate to be in a physically sick state like this for a duration. I just deel with the other conditions I have..

It must truly be awful to be physically, chronically ill.

I texted my oldest daughter something like the sentance above, with the addition of my current state of health. I doubt she’d even read or respond to it. I have sympathy and can also identify with crap people go through. My 40 year old daughter ghosted us. Without explanation or reason and there was no provocation on our part. She’s got Stage 4 cancer, so on some level I get the block out of people, loved ones, she conveniently doesn’t wish to deel with any longer!

So, I have taken a Red Sharpie across my paper wall calendar and drawn a large X through the month of June! I feel like I didn’t get a June 2022! #illness #COVID19 #Depression #PTSD #sick #AutoimmuneDisease #hate this! I’m in sick #bed mode. #I tried to do a least one productive thing today. I just want to feel better and get back to functioning on some level..

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Emotional abuse and threats

#I never thought at Fifty i would be living with someone that emotionally abused and threated me. They say tell someone to get help that never happened nobody wants to get involved with it, they just tell you what do think i should do or they say he is a good person and It will get better. Then he threats to kill you.
A part of me loves him very much. #you see he is mentally ill with schizophrenia and Bipolar and dementia but he doesn't want take is medication.
He no longer lives with because i started recording him and daring on of recording he threatens to kill me with a shot gun then one day he was going to burn down my house and last one was bash my head in after that the police came he was arrested for threatening me with a gun and keeping me from calling 911.

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× " Sooo It's My 1st Time Calling Into Work Today Yike's " × #I 'mInSeverePain#Lowmood

× " I Worked Last Night's Shift... I Litterly Cleaned The Entire Store... There Was Help But The Kid Was Very Useless... And Never Pick's Up After Himself... So It's Very Rare For Me To Snap At Someone... Let Alone A Co-worker That's Not Helpful At All And Lazy. Now I Understand Why The Restaurant Industry S**K's It's The Most Body Breaking Disgusting Job Ever... I'm Alway's Cleaning Restroom's Etc... The Men's Was Horriable Someone Smeared 💩 All Over The Bathroom Wall's... And The Floor.. It Litterly Took Me 2 Hour's To Clean It Up... And The Women's Restroom Flooded With Brown Paper Towel In The Tolilet 's... I Re-Stocked Everything Took Out The Trash... So I Called In This Morning Because My Body Is Killing Me.. My Boss Wasn't Too Pleased Obviously... Well I Can't Alway's Be Your Only Employee Cleaning Everything All The Time. Other People Need To Start Doing The Same Thing's. She Has No Right To Be Mad At Me... For Calling In Sick My 1st Time... I Alway's Show Up In My Uniform.. And On Time... I Do Everything That She Ask's Of Me... I'm Loyal But At One Point... I Care About My Physical And Mental Health Alot Now... That I'm Starting To Break Down.. She Made Me Feel Bad For Calling In Today. " × #MentalHealthPhysicalHealth ☆☆ S. K. ☆☆

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× " I'm In Constant State Of Chronic Pain... And Pain Pill's Are Not Working... I Want To 😭😢😥" × #Feeling Saddness

× " Sigh I Litterly Hate My Body... Especially My Leg's And Back... I Have To Alway's Fake It Till I Make It... I Know It Not Good. To Do This To People...But I Don't Like Showing Any Kind Of Emotion's... And Appearing Weak. My #Insomnia Is Out Of Wack Now... I'm Back To Lying Awke Until Sunrise... I'm In So Much.. That I Would Rather Be Alone And Not Tell A Soul. How Much I'm In Pain... I Do Streching And Work Out's... But It Only Help's Short Term. Ever Since I Was Little I Have Been Wanting For This To Go Away. But It Won't Sigh... Having # Chronic Pain And Physical Pain Is Another Full - Time Job. I Just Couldn't Put Another Person To Come Into My Life Through This. I Want Someone To Eventually Understand That This Isn't A Joke... It Is Definitely Real... And That I'm Only Part Of This Package Of Never Ending Nightmare Of Severe Chronic Sleep/Pain. " × #LoveAllOfMe ☆ S.K. ☆#I 'mOnlyHuman

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I need to get better help. :] #therapydoesn 'tAlwaysWork

Uh, hi. My name’s Nex, I struggle from many things. My top 3 being PTSD, anxiety, and being a Ftm trans person. Life is hard for me, but I hope it's better for you. If you need to talk to someone, I'm open to anyone. If you want to be a therapist for someone, I am also here. You're worth the life that has been given to you, so make the life good. #I 'mRightHereForYou #LGBTQ #trans

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My first time posting

I was diagnosed with Bipolar at the age of 16
I thought I understood and could handle everything on my own. Now, I am 44 and don't know where to turn for help. I've asked my Doctor, nurses,and online hospital forms. Yet, still nothing.
#Looking for an answer #I 'm tired #sad #lost
#Thoughts and emotions overwhelmed

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#and Does music help?

#I have fallen asleep with earbuds in my head. I am older and it actually hurts me 1/2 the next day and yes it does help sometimes but sometimes the mix of several classical songs helps me drift. Yet, my sleep is restless with music. I think it’s wise for me not to use ear buds and for me to wait until tomorrow.

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#I I'm feeling this...

I'm thinking of the song by the late Natalie Cole called "Unforgettable",because there are some loved ones that I've lost and they are truly unforgettable and I am feeling there memory on today.

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#struggle to survive

#I survived a suicide attept

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