Short synapse. I recently with in the last six month found a therapist and psychiatrist willing to listen to my story and help me on my mental health journey. I had a horrible event happen in my life that I have no recollection of and it was most certainly due to being on the wrong medication because all the doctors before told me all I had was adjustment disorder and just through medications my way that made my symptoms be on overdrive. I have lost all my friends and have been told by some to kill myself and that I am a horrible person. Many took the narrative created by the media as my story and took away my narrative for my story. So, I started a blog to get my story out there and a way to get control of my mental illness. I now feel like I am at a point that I want to start producing YouTube videos and creating post on to share my story with my narrative, not one created by someone that doesn’t know me. As a way to connect with people that understand the struggles associated with mental illness and those that will show empathy when all those before have scrutinized me and tried to silence me and take my narrative away and allow someone else to write the story of my life, my struggles. #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #mystruggle #EndTheStigma #mentlahealthmatters