I’m feeling better today. I talked to several people about some of the things that are bothering me and it helped! Some of the things aren’t really viable concerns and are more like made up problems that I shouldn’t even be worrying about. Other things are there because I’m not addressing bad behaviors that I have. Navigating these thoughts in my head is a tricky thing. I have been making some notes in my phone and planning to write a letter to my wife who had no idea that I’m struggling so much. I may not give her the letter, but I hope the writing will help me figure out what’s really going on and help me to talk about it, since I have a really REALLY hard time talking about stuff with her. I pick up on her facial expressions and panic and forget what I want to say. So hopefully this letter helps and hopefully I start writing it soon. I work 60 hours a week and I’m pretty much tired and unmotivated the rest of my waking hours, except fishing on Sunday, which I’m addicted to... can’t not go fishing on Sunday... maybe I should sleep in and write instead... Monday is a holiday, I’ll do it then!! #rambling #Misplaced pryorities