Wyatt got his helmet today and the build up to it just about broke this mama’s heart. As usual, I spent way too much time on Google and came across so many (seriously, SO MANY) stories of other moms whose babes needed a helmet and what crushed my soul the most was how many wrote about “being afraid” that “other people would think” their baby had “a mental disability, or “a developmental disorder.” Here’s the thing: Wyatt does not need a helmet because he has Down syndrome, although it would be totally fine if that WAS the reason. He spent 67 days in the NICU, the majority of that in an isolette (we could touch him through the port holes and on good days, do skin to skin). As hard as we worked on positioning there (and when we got home) it resulted in a flat spot. A flat spot is bad for many reasons, including it can make his ears go out of alignment which would make wearing glasses (likely for him, someday) a challenge. The thought was that he’d have a growth spurt and grow out of it but said growth spurt hasn’t happened, so here we are. And here’s what I want my fellow helmet mamas to know: yes. My son has a developmental disability. And he needs a helmet like yours, who doesn’t. They are both just babies getting their noggins fixed. And they are more alike than different. #morealikerhandifferent #ThisIsDownSyndrome #tour _de_Wyatt #dsam #downsyndromeawareness #MightyTogether