Mr. Anxiety

The tears are streaming down my face
My heart speeds up to a pounding race
It feels like my throats being choked up
Why can’t I make this feeling stop
The abuse and pain of the past pull up
In front of my mind as it backs right up
Into my heart like a pick up truck
Then all my junk (pain)gets dumped on out, and
Right on top all in one pit stop
I feel it taking over me, as it seeps into my soul
There’s no going back I’m no longer in control
And with everything I feel inside it makes me want to scream
And scream until the pain begins to drop
But this feeling just won’t stop
It’s haunting me inside and makes me want to cry
Even when I don’t have a reason to at the time
What am I to do when all I wanna do is run away from you
And I know you’ll be here tomorrow, So I’ll say goodbye for now
I’m building a brand new home inside my heart for you to hide
So when you come back for me tomorrow I’ll fit you perfectly inside
And when that day comes I can feel the morning sun
Then you make a sneaky play
But now you have a place to stay
I promise that I’ll come for you another day
But that just doesn’t happen to be today
Goodbye Mr. Anxiety, I wish you luck breaking out
Cuz you’ll always be locked inside my house
Where you’ll never get out
Unless you find the master key
Except that it’s far to deep
For your reach inside my heart
Good bye Mr. and well, good luck!