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    Doctors, uninformed yet well meaning family members, friends and strangers - we can all have assumptions made when it comes to invisible health conditions and chronic illness. Words said that stick and feelings that we cannot control. I hope this short poem makes you feel at least a little more empowered 💛

    You can’t choose the words that people say
    But you can choose the ones that stay….

    You can choose the ones that hold power
    And whether they make you rise or cower

    After all,
    even rain is required for a rose to flower 🌹

    #Depression #ADHD #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #ChronicPain #slowtransit #PelvicFloorDysfunction #MentalHealth #IBS #IBD #Bullying #YouGotThis #Poetry #TheMighty #themightypoets #painting #SpokenWord #gut #medicalgaslighting


    The power of a wave #themightypoets #CPTSD #Depression #PTSDSupportAndRecovery

    A wave can be slow and peaceful
    A wave can soothe and heal your soul
    A wave can be gentle and kind
    A wave can be one with the seasons
    A wave can be a simple part of nature
    A wave can be a part of Gods plan
    Or a wave can have emense intense power.
    It can come crashing down upon you with a force so great it destroys everything in its path.
    Leaving nothing in its wake!
    It can crush the life out of everything it touches
    Taking your last breathe away...
    In every person lies a wave buried deep inside
    A wave that started as a gentle warm rolling curl of water lapping up upon the shore
    Carressing the sand and then retreating back into the ocean
    Tasting life and then coming back home to safety
    But what if life or home was not safe
    What if life beat you up
    Your gentle innocent wave grews in intensity
    Gentle no more!
    10 feet high
    Power beyond belief
    A tsunami of emotion and hurt!
    And you...
    You stand at a crossroad,
    Anger beating in your heart
    The words pounding in your ears...
    Vengence shall be mine!
    I deserve to be angry to scorch the earth with my rage ...
    I will feel better then .. Right???
    But I am at a crossroad
    Will I let my wave crush everything in it's path?
    Or will I let the water heal the hurt?
    Will I let it soothe my soul?
    Will I be the slow peaceful wave on shore once again? #fibromyalgiafatigue #Fibromyalgia


    I turned Loneliness Into A Weapon - We Are Stronger Together

    I get applauded for how well spoken and open I am about my journey. I am honored and feel incredibly blessed to be able to create content that resonates with others, who have felt/feel the same way but lacked language. I’m learning more and more about my purpose everyday, and it is such a beautiful journey! Especially after years of just trying to make it through the day. I still find myself feeling my feels very hard...AND I’m getting better and not letting my feelings run my life. That being said, sometimes, that which we feel honored to do sometimes feel heavy. I personally feel that heaviness is due to our perspective and our fears. Fear of failing, fear of judgment, fear of rejection, and for me, oftentimes, fear that I will run out of important things to say. Writing boring poems, strumming and singing uninspired songs, empty speeches, and creating subpar vlog and blog posts are just a few of the fears that plague my mind and heart and scream in four part harmony that I should just give up now. I refuse. I speak from a place of hope and conviction. I know what it’s like to live in a world where emotions are fragile and intense. Over time, I have been able to find freedom in speaking my truth, unfiltered. That’s all I do, no big secret or trick or algorithm. I simply share my heart, where I’ve been, and the hope I have for the future. I’ve survived 100% of everything that hell has thrown my way, and I AM SO EXCITED about that! Almost as excited as I am to say that YOU HAVE TOO!!! That is what my secured hope is fueled by - the fact that if we've overcome that which we feared we wouldn’t, then we can do it again! Through The Mighty, we can do it together! Tonight, I felt myself give myself permission to just be. Not try to be the most famous blogger, singer, successful and completely healed 20 year old, but to always remind myself of my why. Why do I speak even though it’s scary? Because I believe that there is brilliant beauty to be found in and created of brokenness, and that there is strength in surviving, and there is a LIFE we are fighting for and creating. Simply put, I want to encourage as many people to stick around and create the life they dream of. I want us to be able to freely share our stories, no matter how dark or how light they are because, friends, there is strength in numbers! I almost went to bed defeated while rehearsing the lies of loneliness and insignificance. Instead, I chose to use my voice, to share my heart, and if nothing else, encourage just one person to believe that they are not alone in their darkness, therefore, they do not have to journey towards light alone. #Bipolar2Disorder    #BipolarDepression  #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder  #BulimiaNervosa  #EatingDisorders  #EatingDisorderRecovery   #Recovery   #prorecovery   #AnorexiaNervosa  #Hope  #Healing  #themightypoets   #Music  #hopeheals   #OSFED #hopehealsinitiative  


    That Day

    I long for That Day
    We All live in complete
    Peace and safety
    No worries
    Or anxiety
    That Day when
    All the captives
    Get set free
    No limitations
    No boundaries
    Or controversies
    Just global unity
    No sickness death
    Or disease
    No violence
    A day of pure humanity
    Sound minds
    And clarity
    No confusion
    Or insanity
    That Day when All the
    Hospitals are empty
    And everyone is healthy
    That Day we no longer
    Depend on money
    But Instead we’re All
    Spiritually wealthy
    And no one goes hungry
    That Day we’re All reborn
    And worship The Lord
    In one mind
    In one accord
    As the devil burns
    I long for That Day
    When Jesus Returns
    #themightypoets My Original


    The mountains I've climbed

    The mountains I’ve climbed
    taught me that in times
    of need and great despair,
    nothing is right, just or fair!When your whole body burns
    while your lungs gasps for air,
    you’ll crumble and fall
    in the bedroom, living room
    or the hall.
    No one will be there for you,
    no one at all!You’ll need to learn to move on,
    to gather the bricks, the mortar
    and glue yourself back on!Your knees will ache and touch the ground
    with incredible speed and a terrible sound,
    you’ll shiver and cry, you’ll twitch and torn,
    you’ll wish you hadn’t been born.You’ll breakdown and achieve incredible depths,
    you’ll picture yourself having a thousand deaths,
    you’ll experience pains, pins, shame and regrets,
    you’ll know sadness, anxiety and mistrust,
    you’ll feel forgotten, left to rot, turned to dust.You’ll learn to rely on your own
    you’ll wish that you hadn’t grown,
    you’ll look for ways to live and go on,
    to avoid rain and cold, to protect your bones!You’ll explore uncharted grey zones,
    you'll read all about spirochetes and hormones,
    cause Lyme offers a hell of a ride
    by the end of it, you’ll be a warrior worldwide.


    #themightypoets I Can Move Mountains #DownSyndrome #SpecialNeeds

    I don’t have eyes, but I can see.
    I don’t have ears, but I can hear.
    I don’t have legs, but I can walk.
    I don’t have hands, but I can touch.
    I don’t have a mouth, but I can speak.
    I don’t have everything, but I have something.
    I can move mountains.


    The Light #themightypoets

    Mental Illness
    Forced into the dark
    Behind broken smiles, hidden from light
    Found by the teacher wearing night vision goggles
    Sees Light

    The teacher
    Notices the lonely
    Not broken nor too far gone
    Speaks with Love, Compassion and words of Hope
    Spreads Light

    The student
    Standing in the dark
    Facing the battle, fighting for strength
    Looking for a sign, searching for a reason
    Needs Light

    The world
    Afraid to be vulnerable
    Stands tall and never is shaken
    Puts up a guard, unbreakable, stable
    Suppresses Light

    The Light
    Shines through the dark
    Reaches inside to the loneliest places
    Heals and brings comfort to those it finds
    Shines bright

    Mental Illness
    Notices the lonely ones
    Facing the battle, fighting for strength
    Puts up a guard, unbreakable, stable
    Is Light


    January 12th #Poem

    January 12th
    It was January 8th—a cold, bitter morning.
    The house still lit with holiday cheer and hope,
    dragging out the warmth and joy, only to be cut short by the loss.
    Sitting quietly on the cold, hardwood floor,
    feeling everything and nothing at the same time,
    the numbness is setting in, yet there are no tears.

    Denial was creeping in—there was sadness, but still no tears.
    My legs are still weak, but what would make today different from yesterday morning?
    Minutes and hours that pass by too quick when all that is left is time…
    time to sit and think and pray and hope,
    that I will walk, that this time I wouldn’t fall to the floor.
    But wishful thinking is no match, at least for this loss.

    There are no silver linings while grieving this loss,
    losing the ability to walk not once but twice, my eyes finally fill with tears.
    My legs collapse from underneath me as my tears finally hit the floor.
    It’s been two days since that cold, bitter morning;
    the Christmas lights still gleaming through the dark like a light of hope.
    But my hope is fading, I’m running out of time.

    Minutes aren’t long enough, I just want more time—
    to walk and run and dance…I’m not ready face this loss.
    A body slowly shutting down, there’s not much left for hope.
    It’s time to be brave, there is no time for tears.
    I tried to stand again this morning,
    It’s getting harder, now I can’t get off the floor.

    It’s January 11th, my dad just helped me get off the floor.
    These past few days feel like I’m frozen in time.
    My mom is taking down the decorations this morning,
    there are no more Christmas lights to overshadow the loss.
    The doctors gave me more bad news today, my eyes still burn from the tears.
    The weakness is growing, illness is spreading, but I’ll still hold onto what is left of hope.

    Have you ever felt what it’s like to lose all hope?
    I lost mine the last time I collapsed to the floor.
    My dad helped me up one last time, as he tried to hide his own tears.
    These were my final days walking; I prayed that I would have more time—
    for one more step, one more moment…I’m not ready for this loss.
    When I woke up I thought that I had one more morning.

    I hope to soon forget this time
    when the floor was my rock bottom and my legs my biggest loss.
    My tears may have stopped flowing, but I’m still mourning.

    #Poetry #Poem #themightypoets #ChronicInflammatoryDemyelinatingPolyneuropathy #Neuropathy #ChronicIllness #Disability


    #Mr .Anxiety


    Mr. Anxiety

    The tears are streaming down my face
    My heart speeds up to a pounding race
    It feels like my throats being choked up
    Why can’t I make this feeling stop
    The abuse and pain of the past pull up
    In front of my mind as it backs right up
    Into my heart like a pick up truck
    Then all my junk (pain)gets dumped on out, and
    Right on top all in one pit stop
    I feel it taking over me, as it seeps into my soul
    There’s no going back I’m no longer in control
    And with everything I feel inside it makes me want to scream
    And scream until the pain begins to drop
    But this feeling just won’t stop
    It’s haunting me inside and makes me want to cry
    Even when I don’t have a reason to at the time
    What am I to do when all I wanna do is run away from you
    And I know you’ll be here tomorrow, So I’ll say goodbye for now
    I’m building a brand new home inside my heart for you to hide
    So when you come back for me tomorrow I’ll fit you perfectly inside
    And when that day comes I can feel the morning sun
    Then you make a sneaky play
    But now you have a place to stay
    I promise that I’ll come for you another day
    But that just doesn’t happen to be today
    Goodbye Mr. Anxiety, I wish you luck breaking out
    Cuz you’ll always be locked inside my house
    Where you’ll never get out
    Unless you find the master key
    Except that it’s far to deep
    For your reach inside my heart
    Good bye Mr. and well, good luck!