Hi everyone! I’m writing today with questions about how you went about requesting a reasonable accommodation at your place of work. I recently started a new job and sort of thought I would be fine… but last Friday I had some kind of meltdown where I couldn’t stop crying for about 1 hour… I missed some of the training that we did, although not sure how important it was. And am wondering if I should talk to my supervisor, and if so what I should say? I don’t want to say too much…. And I don’t want to play the victim or feel that I’m asking for special treatment. I also don’t know if this will ever happen again? (Honestly it might) … but there’s no way to know. If you’ve had experience with this I’d really appreciate it if you drop a line about what you said and how your employer responded. Thanks in advance and hope everyone is off to a good start this Monday :) #CPTSD #IBS #GAD #narcrecovery #scapegoat