I received a copy of a Specialist’s report. The report is approximately 20 pages long, and it contains about 60 errors. One of the glaring errors was that I left the stove on all the time. I don’t even use the stove. This speaks to my level of competency. If I hadn’t seen the report, the error would have remained for the next health professional to use for some kind of decision. First, the Doctor said we would go through the report over the phone and fix the errors. Then she changed her mind, and she said that I should revise the report and send it in to her. How nice of her to assign the task to me of fixing her report!! To make matters worse, another Specialist, who is going to be making a critical decision about me, will not make my appointment with him, until he has seen the report, so I have no choice but to fix it. Where’s the justice in all of this?? I have enough stress in my life, without having to deal with Doctors who can’t do their jobs properly. 🤨