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Is this a Legit #digitalmarketing Service Provider ?

As we all are very well aware of the current pandemic situation in the US and all around the world. My business-facing too many Losses.

I heard that the digital marketing adaptation could bring my business back or can give me another life.

I came around a site that provides Leading Digital Marketing Services companies in New Jersey.

Kindly review it for me pls? help needed.

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New Jersey Lyme And Associated Diseases Support Group

#LymeDisease ; #newjersey

We are a Support Group on Facebook dedicated to providing a supportive, harmonious environment where folks can know there is hope and encouragement, plus everyone can share information and connect with one another if they choose to do so. We have regular monthly Zoom meetings, sometimes with medical professionals presenting, and other times just so we can can talk with each other. There is never any cost to any members, totally free to be a member and participate.