I want to start this article with the fact that 20 out of 100,000 people suffer from total paralysis.

And a number of them aren't able to communicate with the ones they love because they aren't able to afford technology to talk to the ones they love.

And not just that, they are also unable to say what they need; I want to eat, drink, go to the toilet, etc.

It's a hard situation for the paralyzed people and the ones they love.

So here comes my idea of the "Paralyzed Language".

It's an idea like using the Maurice code, but by using your eyes.

Here's how it works.

The idea is that a blink is a "." And the "_" is the closure of the eye and the reopening.

And here is each symbol and what it represents:

. _ yes

_... No

_. _. Help

_.. Hungry

. Thirsty

.. _. Discomfort

__. Need medical attention

.... Need to talk to someone

.. Refereeing to family member or friend

. ___ bathroom

_. _ Sleep

. _.. Cold

__ Hot

_. Happy

___ Sad

. __. Frustration

__. _ thanks

. _. Now

... Later

_ Here

.. _ There

... _ Home

So by using this language, the paralyzed people will be able to speak again in their own way and communicate using their eyes. #totallyparalyzed #Paralyzed #Language #Speak #newspeech