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“There is nothing we can do for you” #bedsidemanner

Why would any physicians office utter these words unless the ultimate outcome was death? I have heard these words more times than I could have ever imagined over the past six years living with chronic rare diseases. Right now, I’m experiencing inflammation of my sternum and rib cage following bilateral rib resection surgery. I’m a chronic pain patient, so I’m used to being uncomfortable. I used to being in pain. So when a physician told me my inflammation pain could be relieved by a round of steroids. If those don’t work, they can inject a steroid into the areas in pain, I was hopeful. I tried the pills for 10 days with no relief. After another 10 days of giving me the run around (we’re still processing the referral), the office assistant at a pain management clinic finally returned my call and said they “couldn’t help me.” I refuse to loose hope and know a doctor will help me. I just can’t fathom telling a patient those words. #Next #TOS #MdDS

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Peaceful thought

The universe has a way of working out what needs to happen next. I am ready for good things to happen. What good things are you looking forward to ? #readyforthegoodstuff #smallmiraclecollector #Feeling positive #Next


#Flip the script

Why do folks always minimize your pain and flip it on them? I hate when folks tell me things could be worst. Fight in three wars and come home with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. #Next life be better