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Just wondering #Depression

Do I matter that I’m here? That I’m trying? Do you even care? #Feeling alone

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Random Depression Pangs

Does anyone else get random pangs of depression? I’ll be doing something random or important or talking to someone. Just wham out of nowhere a feeling of sadness or depression type feeling will come over me for no reason at all. I’m pretty good at pushing it away but it still really sucks. I never know when it will hit and there’s no warning. #BipolarDepression #Depression #MentalHealth #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Trauma #ADHD #Feeling

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#Feeling blech and heart palpitations

Ugh, I’m headed to work now and I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. Keep me in 🙏, please!

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Saying Hello!

I have been on the app for a while but haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would check in and say hello! How is everyone feeling today? #Schizophrenia #Feeling

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#Sorry I have been away a few days. Here is my new #Furbaby !!!!

I felt it was best to refrain from posting these past few days. I was very #sad , #confused , & #hopeless due to my heartwrenching experience at the shelter I went about a week ago. I was even #Feeling like there might very well be a #Curse on me & my life. I pretty much believed that any & every thing I might & would do or try to do, was destined to be #tradgedy & cause me more #Heartache . To put it honestly, day to day was kinda "touch-and-go" moreso than ever. Recently, it came to a head, and I honestly felt that i had no idea if I'd be around to see the next day. But today, I brought home a new #Cat . He was the best cat there at PSPCA. (Pennsylvania SPCA. ) health-wise, age-wise, & he is calm with a #wonderful temperament. He is asleep on the couch with me right now. I like it at cold temps, but I not want him to get sick. He doesn't (yet) seem to feel ok about having a blanket over him, for warmth, but then again, he is just getting to know & has to have a bit of time to learn he can #Trust me. Anyways, I am keeping my leg against him for him to have my body warmth. I am SO pleased the way the day turned out. Had some very rough spots there, but it ended up not getting the best of the situation#. I have my baby! His name is what I consider extremely anti - #Christian . I don't even like to say or write it. I have been calling him "Baby" when I talk to or call for him. Still, I'm taking my time about giving him his permanent official name !!!


Grateful for my husband today 💕

I have been really depressed for like a week. I haven't wanted to go anywhere or do anything. I have not been cleaning the apartment or cooking because my energy is so low. But today my husband is picking up the slack and taking care 💅 of me and it's nice because it's the first time that he has been this thoughtful in a while. #Feeling loved#


Invisible Depression

I’ve been depressed for over 40 years, had therapy for 10 yrs. and all I can say is that it’s just not that simple to “snap out of it” like most “normal “ think. It takes over your whole life. And for some reason bad things always come my way. #grieving the loss of my daughter #PTSD#Anxiety#gastro issues #Feeling paralyzed

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Help me naming an emotion

I need your help to name an emotion.

Shame is defined when we feel something is shameful about us.

Regret is defined when we feel regretful of doing something in the past.

What is the emotion when we feel shame about FOR EXAMPLE having chronic illness? By that, I do not mean that, er feel something is bad about us; but we feel such a shame I have this in my life whereas others don't have.

What is name of this emotion?

#Emotion #chronic #Shame #regret #emotional #Feeling

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((My comfort and healing companion my fur baby Pepper))

Feeling alone and having anxiety and physical pain #Feeling