It concerns me deeply that fear is being used to control people, and mandates are being made that affect our physical health and our ability to choose what's best for us. Haven't we fought for freedom and the right to choose? Abortion is a controversial topic, it hinges on the right to choose and dominion over our bodies. Our bodies, our lives, our very existence.

I've had numerous bad experiences with Western medicine, vaccinations, invasive procedures, and toxic prescriptions. One nearly took my life, the other, flu shots recommended for my family, made us all very sick.

I'm happy to elaborate about my personal experiences, the point is, we ought to have the right to choose what's best for ourselves and the children we bring into this world. I was someone that when I was pregnant with each of my three children, I didn't drink coffee nor wine, I never took a prescription nor a Tylenol. I played Mozart and read to mine as I researched all of this would improve the chances of a healthy baby. To boot, I've been a lifelong competitive athlete in tennis and trail running - pushing the limits and performance are my thing. I know my body very well, and I know how my children react to certain things. Politicians do not. I abhor the idea such a person should mandate anything that only serves a political agenda, and not what is best for me, my children, and for others at large who feel similarly. If I can leave you with one thought, it is you know your body, listen to it, it tells you what's right and what you need. Trust you, trust that feeling, and do what's best for you.