Lately life has shown me the purpose of self control. I have been in situations, one situation in particular that has made me realize the importance of our reactions to anything. When you are being pushed to the edge of a breakdown with a knife holding all of your fears, insecurities, flaws, how do you stop it? How can we ignore something that’s right in front of us screaming all of these things that we HAVE to react too. It’s impossible. All of that is what I use to believe. I use to believe that if somebody f***** with me I would have to retaliate immediately...if you are bringing out my fears, the parts of me I’m unwilling dealing with, the hurtful worlds being said towards you, none of those things is a reflection of who you are, it’s not the way everybody perceived you, everybody doesn’t notice every flaw like you think, it is just that toxic person going out of the way to offend and hurt. You have the power to stop reacting to energy draining situations or hurtful words. The power of #NoReaction is more than power. It’s positive energy reproducing. It’s stopping negativity at its feet and turning creating positivity. The sense of freedom you feel from not reacting is amazing. Not letting negativity get to you, or make you react is gaining time in your life to be purposeful and mindful of the happy, loving things about you. After toxicity throughout my entire life with relationships being in my lowest points I have never felt so empowered and powerful about myself. Mainly, I am finding ways to cope with life in healthy ways. I am recreating my thoughts into happy thoughts and trying to reverse the process. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮 #faithandhope