I can’t sleep again because I slept during the day. I was tired even though I didn’t do any. Pain is familiar and I’m only thankful that it’s not as bad as it can get, right now. I don’t want sympathy. I really want people to be more honest and the world to be WAY less stressful.

The muscle groups on the left side of chest are tight but I am grateful I can breathe. The left side of my neck has been hurting for 2 days on and off but it’s been worse so I am thankful for the small intermissions from pain. My left hand and arm are curled up even when I am just relaxing in bed but my sweetheart told me they relax when I am asleep. I hope that the assessment appt for my left upper extremity won’t be too painful. That will be corrective surgery 10 or 11…..I don’t know.

I try to stay away from stress and confusion and I am thankful for some peace and joy. This life has difficulties but all in all I am very grateful to have the strength and clarity of mind to keep stuff simple….one day at a time.