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I don't know whether it's the weather today being rainy and cold or the fact that it's just my #Fibromyalgia acting up, but I'm itching so bad today. It's like every nerve ending in my body is on fire and I don't know how to make it stop. I made the mistake of putting acrylic nails on a couple days ago and they feel great against my skin, but I'm trying not to scratch. I'm trying not to hurt. Today, mentally I'm hopeful. Mentally, I'm still doing well. Physically however? It's bad today..

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#notcool #ouch

I can’t sleep again because I slept during the day. I was tired even though I didn’t do any. Pain is familiar and I’m only thankful that it’s not as bad as it can get, right now. I don’t want sympathy. I really want people to be more honest and the world to be WAY less stressful.

The muscle groups on the left side of chest are tight but I am grateful I can breathe. The left side of my neck has been hurting for 2 days on and off but it’s been worse so I am thankful for the small intermissions from pain. My left hand and arm are curled up even when I am just relaxing in bed but my sweetheart told me they relax when I am asleep. I hope that the assessment appt for my left upper extremity won’t be too painful. That will be corrective surgery 10 or 11…..I don’t know.

I try to stay away from stress and confusion and I am thankful for some peace and joy. This life has difficulties but all in all I am very grateful to have the strength and clarity of mind to keep stuff simple….one day at a time.


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Do you live with low-level daily pain?

Every couple of months I see my hematologist and every couple of months I report some sort of pain. In December I mentioned my joints were becoming stiff and painful so he set up a referral to a rheumatologist before referring me to the pain clinic, worried pain meds would mask underlying problems.

Yesterday, during my physical exam, the doctor checked movement and range of motion of the major joints. Before the exam, she asked which area was most painful. For me it’s generally my right shoulder near the scapula, followed by my hips.

She manipulated joint by joint asking for my comfort level. Fine, fine, decent, and that actually feels good in a painful way-if that makes sense. Then she had me lay on my back and lifted my bent leg to the side.

OMG ouch!!!

She did the other leg. Same pain.

About an 8-9 on the pain scale.

“You’ve been living with so much pain for so long that you don’t even recognize it anymore. I’m sending you for X-rays and blood work. Results will be in Monday. We’ll talk then.”

If you’d have asked me a year ago if I had chronic pain I’d have said no. Then I learned that your daily pain baseline should be at 0, not 3, I began to realize I might have chronic pain. I still justified it away because I only occasionally had 6-8 level pain, so I’m good, right? Apparently some people don’t have daily pain?!?

This is your public service announcement that long time, low level pain probably needs checking out.

#ChronicPain #Rheumatologist #ouch


I'm officially boosted

Got my booster about 12 hours ago and also a flu shot. So far my arms hurt, a little achy and a tiny bit nauseous, but not too bad. My 2nd dose reaction was bad enough that I called off work the next day. Supposedly, this shouldn't be as bad, but I planned accordingly just in case. I also chose not to mix and match, just to lower the risk of worse side effects. My mom mixed and matched and had worse side effects. And since I reacted more than she did to both shots, I figured I'd take the variable out. I'm a major wimp, but this still sucks #COVID19 #Insomnia #ouch

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HELP #DistractMe #help #Anxiety #Depression #bpt #Allergies

Im Having an #allergicreaction #ouch took benadryl.... just waiting.
( this is a picture I did with water color. )
send me/show me something that bring you comfort


Realising you have no friends anymore following a sudden long term illness... and its Christmas. #ouch #Relationships

It makes the most 'joyful' time of the year feel the loneliest. Sending out cards and only receiving 1/2 from distant relatives. No one to chat with or make socially distant plans. I literally only have my husband and kids, my parents and one acquaintance. Nobody to giggle with, joke chat. It hurts.


I can no longer control my body

On Friday i spent the night in the er, I had developed sudden tics that had no explanation and still have none. I have seen countless doctors and have been contacted by all of my family every day trying to ask questions. I have no idea whats wrong with my body and I am so so so so exhausted #tic   #Unknown   #tired #Mystery #ouch #Anxiety #Depression

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