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20 People Who Prove Just How Beautiful Birthmarks Are

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Too often people with birthmarks are stared at, laughed at or even told to hide their natural skin color. As I publicly share about my life with a facial birthmark, I constantly hear stories from people whose husbands make them wear makeup to bed, or whose parents put makeup on them when they were 2. Yet, in reality, birthmarks add a beautiful splash of color in the world – just like the people wearing them.

One of my least favorite questions people (without a birthmark) ask me about life with a birthmark is, “When did you finally become confident in who you were with your birthmark?” The truth is, I don’t remember not embracing it, not finding the beauty in it. While I know that’s not the story for many people with birthmarks — and it’s completely OK if people decide to flaunt or hide their birthmarks — we at The Mighty wanted to take a moment to celebrate the natural beauty of them and those who embrace them.

Surveying the birthmark community and asking them why they find their birthmarks to be beautiful, these were their responses: 

1. “I find my birthmark beautiful in many ways but mostly because it’s an unconventional, non-traditional, unique flaw that stands above and beyond the societal normalities, and I love that.” — Paige

Paige sitting on some sad, covered in mud, looking away from the camera s her birthmark stands out on her face and neck.

2. “I love my birthmark because it makes me a more compassionate person and nurse!” — Courtney

A picture of a nurse wearing her scrubs, her birthmark on her face, neck, and chest area.

3. “Birthmarks are beautiful because they make us special – and sometimes they are purple and that’s my favorite color, besides pink.” — Charlotte

A little girl in her ballerina outfit, around the age of 4, with a birthmark on her cheek.

4. “I have the amazing opportunity to teach my children, through example, on true beauty. That it’s OK to be different and that society does not define a person’s beauty.” — Rachel

A mom with her birthmark on her cheek and two sons.

5. “I love my birthmark because not very many people have one like mine.” — Ross

A little boy with a birthmark on his cheek, eating a cupcake.

6. “I love my birthmark because it makes me who I am. Without it, I wouldn’t be so unique!” — Brandy

A woman in a car wearing sunglasses, taking a selfie, her birthmark on her lip and cheek.

7. “My birthmark is my favorite color, pink! It’s super natural to me, like the color of my eyes.”  — Naomi

A picture of a child smiling at the camera, standing outside, showing the birthmark on her left cheek.

8. “For me, my birthmark is something that helped me get out of depression and rebuilt my whole value system. As a child, I was getting only negative perception on that from people. In the years to come, I was covering it for everyone. None of my friends knew I had it. By posting my photos on the internet and surrounding myself with the right people, I’ve discovered the strength that comes from my birthmark. The uniqueness, confidence, filter for toxic people, standing out in a crowd and being remembered. In last month I have been picked up by guys, performed on the scene, worked with clients, worked with children – all that with my birthmark on full display. I’ve believed it is possible, I made people believe it is possible. It is like new life for me. My birthmark is beautiful because it is beautiful for me and the right people. Because beauty comes with confidence, and my birthmark is a confidence booster for me.” – Ania

A woman with dark hair, smiling at the camera, her birthmark on her right cheek.

9. “I love my birthmark because, through my differences, I have come to view the world with more acceptance.” – Dominique

A picture of a woman holding a snake, her birthmark on her chin and going up her cheek.

10. “To say I think Sloan is beautiful is an understatement. Her strength and resilience have only amplified her beauty. I love that she is uniquely different and was given this birthmark because she was meant to stand out and shine brighter than others. I’m a blessed mama to call her mine.” — Jenny

A black and white image of a young child with a birthmark on her left cheek.

11. “Unique is beautiful. ‘To the world, you are my son. But to me, you are my world.’” — Laura

A picture of a baby boy smiling in a play pen, with a hemangioma on his forehead.

12. “I think my birthmark is beautiful because, it makes me, me!” — Jeana

A picture of a woman with her head turned, showing her light pink birthmark on her neck.

13. “This is my daughter, Harley. She is 6 years old, and when she talks about her birthmark she says that is what makes her who she is, Harley.” — Melanie

A picture of a young girl, turned away from the camera to show her birthmark on her cheek.

14. “I love my birthmark. It speaks for me. It changes depending on how I’m feeling, if I’m hot or cold. And its anything but subtle, just like me!” — Shannon

A woman sitting outside, looking towards the sky, with a birthmark on different parts of her body.

15. “My birthmark makes me special and unique.” — Cade

A boy smiling at a camera, a birthmark on his cheek.

16. “I think all birthmarks are beautiful! I love how each one has its own special shape and color! I think it’s amazing how a similar ‘stain’ can connect so many people!” — Amanda Bryam

A woman smiling at a camera with a birthmark on her cheek, wearing a port wine stain birthmark awareness T-shirt.

17. “God designed me this way, and he loves me like I am!” — Debra

A selfie of a woman with a birthmark on her forehead and right cheek.

18. “I don’t always appreciate my birthmark for its beauty… but when I do it is because it makes me unique, makes me memorable, and it helps me connect to others who are ‘different.’ I’m a therapist and work with many folks with an autism spectrum diagnosis. Mutually understanding the challenges of being ‘different’ from others is often a great starting point for us.” — Kristen

A woman smiling into the camera, her birthmark on her forehead.

19. “My port wine stain (PWS) is beautiful. I love being different. The world is full of skin tones of every shade from black to white, but I have a splash of pink. Now that’s color!” — Kelley

A picture of a woman smiling at a camera.

20.”I think she is perfectly beautiful. Her birthmark makes her unique and she wouldn’t be Isabella without it!” — Emily

A baby smiling, with a little birthmark on her forehead.

Originally published: July 13, 2018
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