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Online Marriage Counseling Is Less Scary Than Going to a Therapist’s Office

“Mawage is what bwings us together!”

In the words of the priest in “The Princess Bride,” “Mawage is what bwings us together!” Translated to English, “Marriage is what brings us together.” Except, that isn’t always the case. What once was a happy marriage can take a turn for the worst when problems arise such as infidelity, trust issues or managing a relationship when one partner has mental illness. That’s when you and your partner can consider going to therapy, and you might want to consider online marriage counseling.

When marriage gets tough

What happens when marriage pushes two people in opposite directions? It can be frightening to admit that your marriage has problems, especially if you’ve been with your partner for many years. Some couples believe that marriage counseling, whether that’s online or with a local therapist, is opening the door toward the path to divorce; however, couples counseling isn’t a sign of imminent doom for a relationship. In other words, take a deep breath! Just because you are seeing a couples therapist doesn’t mean you are splitting up. You’re taking a step toward mending your relationship. And even if you do end up separating, a marriage counselor can help you do that peacefully, mediating the process. Marriages counselors don’t have all the answers to your problems, but they can help guide you in your relationship when you’re struggling.

But, I’m terrified of talking to someone about my sex life

Marriage counseling may be intimidating for a multitude of reasons. Let’s face it, it’s not natural to sit in an office with a stranger talking about your marital problems, some of which may include intimacy issues in the bedroom. Revealing your “dirty little secrets” to a therapist isn’t everyone’s idea of a great time. However, it might be easier to discuss more private issues with an online marriage counselor because it feels slightly more anonymous.

Seeing an online counselor can be a different feeling than sitting in a physical therapist’s office. For couples that are shy about their issues, talking about them online could feel less frightening than in person. Speaking face-to-face with a marriage therapist can provoke social anxiety in some people, whereas talking to an online counselor might feel more comfortable.

For busy couples who travel

An excellent option for busy couples, online counseling offers flexibility to both partners. One member of the couple may be sitting in a hotel room on a business trip, while the other partner is at home on the couch and they can meet together with their marriage counselor online! It’s challenging committing to a time to see a marriage counselor in person. Online counseling is way more convenient for couples on the go.

An online marriage counselor is a real person.

There is a common misconception that online therapist or counselors aren’t “real people.” Though they may be sitting behind the screen, these mental health professionals are human beings and they are licensed mental health professionals. These clinicians are capable of helping clients navigate transitions in their lives and relationships. Online marriage counseling can make a huge difference in a couple’s life and potentially save the relationship.

I live in a small town where I know everyone. I don’t want my therapist talking about our marriage in the grocery store.

When you live in a small town, chances are you know most of the people there. It’s challenging to find a therapist in a place with a tiny population. One reason for this is that there may not be a lot of therapist options available. And another reason may be that you know all the counselors or know somebody who knows them. It could be embarrassing to see your couples counselor in the grocery store and know that yesterday you and your husband talked about his affair.

Here’s where it’s beneficial to see an online marriage counselor. When you live in an area with a limited amount of mental health professionals, why not expand your options by searching for an online counselor? It’s unlikely that you will come across someone you know, although it’s not entirely impossible. You never know — in searching through the online mental health professionals you could come across a familiar face, but you can choose a different therapist if that happens. There are so many counselors to pick from that you can find one that works for you.   

No matter where it comes from, online or in a therapist’s office, get help!

If you’re a couple who wants to save your marriage, you can benefit from couples therapy. Whether you work with an online marriage counselor or in private practice in their office, the most critical part of the process is finding the right therapist for you and your partner. It’s natural to be fearful of the therapeutic process if you’ve never been to marriage or couples counseling, but many aspects of seeing a therapist online can feel reassuring. Find the best option for you and your partner and get the help you deserve so your relationship can last.

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