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33 Texts Special Needs Parents Would Love to Get From Their Best Friends

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Few things bring a smile to your face faster than a sweet text message from someone you cherish. We asked the parents of children with special needs in our Mighty community to share with us the texts they’d love to receive from their best friends. We received hundreds of responses — a testament to the power of simply reaching out.

Here are just some of the texts. Best friends, take note.


Text message that says [I'm bringing dinner over. While you and your family eat, I will do some laundry for you and load your dishwasher. No, you can't help me. Just sit and enjoy your family for a little while, and let me take care of you.]
Submitted by Jason Heather Tanner


Text message that says [Got time for a coffee/visit?]
Submitted by Melissa Mckeown


Text message that says [You're doing an amazing job! Keep it up! Let me know what you need. I'm always here for anything you or your girls need.]
Submitted by Renee Kunzeman Stucker


Text message that says [Whatever this week throws at you, know that I love both you and your son, and I'm always here for you both.]
Submitted by — Mandy Reilly


Text message that says [I know you're tired and overwhelmed. But you're doing amazing. Between doctor appointments, three different therapies, school for both your kids, single mom duties and life, you're doing a great job. I'm stopping by with hot coffee and a new coloring book to keep the kids occupied so you can drink it hot. Also, there may be chocolate for you to hide from your toddler to eat after they go to bed!]
Submitted by Chelsea Hernandez


Text message that says [Let's get the kids together for a playdate.]
Submitted by Amanda Scott


Text message that says [You're strong, you've got this and I'm right behind you if you need anything at all.]
Submitted by Laura Hollingsworth


Text message that says [I'm here for you if you ever need to listen.]
Submitted by Wendy Smith


Text message that says [Will you teach me how to tube-feed your son so you can go out with your husband now and then while I care for him?]
Submitted by Sarah Whiting


Text message that says [You're great parents, and your daughter is amazing. You shouldn't have any guilt because you're doing a fantastic job advocating for and working with her.]
Submitted by Nicole Meyer


Text message that says [I'm coming over to sit with the kids while you go and get your nails done. My treat.]
Submitted by Sarah Smith Hull


Text message that says [I've set us up a weekly coffee date. I'll bring freshly baked, allergy-friendly goodies, you provide drinks, and while we chat and eat, the cleaner I've hired for you will make your house sparkle.]
Submitted by Kathleen Simpkins


Text message that says [You're the luckiest mom ever!]
Submitted by Kristine Marie Nute Kleinman


Text message that says [Hey, while the kids are at school, let's grab lunch!]
Submitted by Nikki McNutt Thiem


Text message that says [Can I come watch the kids so you can nap for a few hours?]
Submitted by Lily Krueger-Decker


Text message that says [I'm taking the kids on Friday…. see you on Sunday! Get some sleep and a shower.]
Submitted by Michele Gaston


Text message that says [Hey, how have you been?]
Submitted by Sara Murdock


Text message that says [I know it's hard for you to get out of the house, so I'm coming to you so we can go for a walk.]
Submitted by SarahandLayne Coates


Text message that says [I see you struggling to be everything to everyone. A great mom, a good wife, an OK friend. It's OK to just be you sometimes.]
Submitted by Toni Johnson Lundmark


Text message that says [I miss you and I'm sorry for being distant. Can we have a Mommy's Night Out soon? Love you.]
Submitted by Tiffany Pihir


Text message that says [I'm on my way over with dinner and wine — let's hang out.]
Submitted by Sarah Pinnell Coble


Text message that says [Open the door, I'm outside, and the coffee is getting cold.]
Submitted by Rosy Jacowitz


Text message that says [Plan a date night, I'll watch the kids!]
Submitted by Kellie Luke


Text message that says [You're an amazing mom, friend and person.]
Submitted by Allison Naveda


Text message that says [I may not know what you're going through, but I'm here, and I love you both.]
Submitted by Vickie Carpenter


Text message that says [You're doing better than you think you are] with a red heart emoji
Submitted by Carly J Lazear


Text message that says [I will always be here to listen without judgment or condition. Let me learn with you.]
Submitted by Debbie Arenson


Text message that says [You're an awesome mom.]
Submitted by Heidi Marie Harrison


Text message that says [I'll never give up on our friendship, even if you can't find time to talk or catch up.]
Submitted by Jacqui Neill


Text message that says [I just want you to know I'm thinking about you.]
Submitted by Katie Herron


Text message that says [I believe in you so much! I see the love you have for your child, and it warms my heart.]
Submitted by Wendy Campbell


Text message that says [You are never alone.]
Submitted by Melanie Bertrand Koreman


Text message that says [I see you.]

Submitted by Allyson Ramsey Noel

*Some answers have been edited for brevity and clarity.

What’s a text message you’d love to receive from your best friend? Share with us in the comments section below.

33 Texts Special Needs Parents Would Love to Get From Their Best Friends

Originally published: March 9, 2016
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