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What do you wish others understood about anxiety?

The Mighty Video team wants to hear your answer to this question:

If you live with anxiety, what is one thing you wish others could understand about it?

Submit a 10-15 second video of your response and your answer may be used in a video on the Mighty.

“I wish people understood that when I cancel plans, it’s not personal at all, I’m usually just completely emotionally exhausted.”

“The thing about anxiety is that it can be really frustrating. When you can’t make a simple phone call or go out to the shop for something, you ask yourself, “Why am I like this? Why can’t I just be ‘normal?’”

“I used to get really extreme chest pains linked to my anxiety. I’ve ever been to the hospital a couple of times for it and some of the medical staff act like they didn’t believe me, and I just wish more people would understand that anxiety is real, and it’s not something that you’re making up.”

Submit a video in the comments so your voice can be heard too!

Originally published: February 15, 2018
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