I’m not planning on doing anything it’s just been a way to get feelings out.

Would anyone wonder
Would anyone care
If people realized I wasn’t there?
The phone stopped ringing
The invites quit coming
No one ever stopped by
People have just tossed me aside

It’s too hard seeing you sick, some say
Others say they know I can’t afford to go
They don’t like seeing me in pain
They can’t do anything to change it
So I’m just tossed aside

It hurts worse than my diseases
To realize I never really had true friends
Acquaintances is more like it
You don’t really need to keep up with them
They are the people you bump into
But never intend to call

I thought I was a good friend
I was always there when needed
But I guess it’s easy to toss people aside
When you don’t need them anymore

Would people come if I died
Would they fill the seats
Would they be sad and cry
Would they be mad I ruined their day
Would they be too busy to come

They may say kind things on Facebook
They may talk to my family
They may wonder why it happened
They may say what a shame

All they needed was to call
All they needed was return a text
All they needed was to stop by
Or acknowledge me reaching out

I guess no one will miss me
After the day they’ll move on
I won’t pass thru their minds at all
I never really mattered
No one really cared

So why fight painless oblivion
When it’s so tempting to go that way
No one will miss me
No one will ask
People will be better off if I left

#KindnessMatters #JustBreathe ##PainlessOblivion