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    Gaslighting Oneself

    People gaslight others..Have you ever gaslighted yourself? I know I have. Stop criticizing yourself, be kind. Realize that blame for whatever, can be for others. We should not accept responsibility for certain things that happened, things that, weren’t our fault or things that are the result of another’s toxic behavior. We can be our own worst critics. We can lie to ourselves. It’s damaging for one’s own self-confidence for one’s own psyche. #Gaslighting #Selfblame we need #Selfconfidence #Breathe #JustBreathe #affirmations #PTSD #Survivor #MentalHealth #Depression #IfYouFeelHopeless #TheMighty

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    In The Meantime

    In view of everything that’s gone on lately in our world, I ran across this #Poem and it just seemed to be what I needed today. #Breathe #JustBreathe #Healing #HealingVoices #Poetry #vibes #PTSD #Depression #Grief

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    Daily reminder

    Just in case you needed this reminder today ❤️ #youareloved #youareenough #MentalHealth #DailyReminder #YouGotThis #JustBreathe #Breathe

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    B is for Breathing


    Mental health, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD.

    Breathing is an automatic bodily response, to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide; it's something we mainly do without much thought - but in times of pain, anxiety and stress it is our automatic response to hold our breath, or breath shallowly and fast.

    We can utilise our breaths and use breathing techniques to help with mindfulness or grounding exercises.

    Breath training can also make us feel more physically well by ensuring we have an optimum oxygen intake at rest or while exercising.

    Some examples of different breathing exercises to try are given below. Start with small and realistic goals of how many times, and for how long, you want to practice - you may find it useful to schedule in timeslots throughout the day/week (maybe just starting with just a couple of minutes each time). Some techniques can even be practised whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or whenever you have a minute or so to spare.

    1. Breathing focus technique:

    (A mindfulness tool, can reduce stress and anxiety).

    * Choose a focus word that makes you feel relaxed, smile or is neutral (eg. "Peace", "relax" or "ocean").

    * Sit or lie down in a comfortable place and position.

    * Without changing how you are breathing, bring awareness to your breaths.

    * Take a normal breath, followed by a deep breath and continue to alternate - notice how the breaths feel and the differences.

    * Place a hand just under your belly button, keeping relaxed, notice how it rises and falls.

    * Using only deep breaths, sigh on each exhale, as loud as you can, keeping your focus word in mind.

    * Think about the imagery surrounding that word - how it may bring a wave of calm on each inhale.

    * Consider how each exhale may expel tension, stress and anxiety.

    (Start by practising for just several minutes and try to build up to around 10+ minutes each session).

    2. Pursed lip breathing:

    (Useful when exercising to make a deliberate effort for each breath and slow down the pace of breathing.)

    * Relax your neck and shoulders.

    * With your mouth closed, slowly inhale through your nose to the count of 2.

    * Purse your lips into a whistling position and exhale slowly to the count of 4.

    * Repeat for the rest of your activity.

    (This can also be practised when not exercising, to refine the technique and bring awareness to the pace of your breaths).

    3. Resonant breathing (sometimes called coherent breathing).

    (Maximises your heart rate variability and studies have shown can reduce symptoms of depression when combined with yoga).

    * Inhale slowly to the count of 5.

    * Exhale slowly to the count of 5.

    * Repeat for at least a few minutes (or more if you have available time).

    #breathe #mindfullness #mindfulBreathing #JustBreathe #Awareness #breathTraining #exercises #mindful

    #MentalHealth #Selfharm #SCUFF #ScarCoverUpFreedomFund

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    Inhale, exhale

    Just a little funny to get us all through the day.

    #MentalHealth #Mentalhealthmemes #JustBreathe #Inhale #Exhale #funny


    new motto

    “There’s always more. Always…” whether it be bad or good things. I mostly say that to myself when I’m putting away apparel at work overnight. I always end up missing a few shirts along the way and then I have to retrace my steps back to where those were located. But the good things I say that about life in general. More opportunities to achieve your shortest or longest goals. #Positivity #keepgoing #ADHD #MoodDisorders #Anxiety #JustBreathe


    Just breathe...

    Sometimes, just that is difficult for me. I'm so busy with work and in my everyday life, that I can never find the time to just breathe... It gets overwhelming sometimes, and I want to scream! I will be fine, if I just breathe. #JustBreathe #MentalHealth



    Learning to be still and close my eyes, just breathing! #My beautiful life!

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    Just breathe

    Just breathe. In. Out. Then in and out again. Place your hand on your chest if you don’t feel like you’re breathing. You’re alive. You have purpose. You were put on this earth for a reason, now go find it. Dig in. Search you heart and soul to figure out which path to take. Always listen to your heart. Now close your eyes and think of your favorite place or a place where you feel safe or remember feeling love flow through your veins. Focus on it a little longer. That feeling of peace in your soul is worth having and worth finding over and over again. Now when life gets heavy, re-read, repeat, and persevere. Live a life so full of love that it washes every wound you’ve ever had and that pain and anxiety no longer has a hold on you. #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Suicide #Depression #survive #Love #JustBreathe #youhavepurpose

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    Feeling empty #Fakehappy #Undiagnosed

    Usually gardening helps make me feel better. Not this year. I am trying to live off the land to cut food costs going out and for us to have healthier foods. I usually enjoy this. But, this year.. nothing is going right and it is sad and stressful.
    I am trying to make memories with the kids and teach them... loose weight... and not snap for them destroying the house. I feel like a maide and used by all here. It feels like #Noonecares , but me.
    Trying to deal with the house and then, outside with the mini orchard, greenhouse and poultry... and landscaping.... then, advocate for people who don't listen to me is frustrating and overwhelming. I feel lost and have small happy moments... but, they... nor the feeling lasts. I end up wanting to sleep and feeling alone and empty. I am a mom of 4 boys in the house with me. I can't allow this to consume me. So... #Fakehappy ... #JustBreathe and #smilethroughit without allowing disrespect. Teaching them to talk instead of scream or hit. I know they are likely feeling my masked energy. I don't know how to help it. Maybe some aroma therapy more or holistic medicine. It would help more if it would stop raining g so much. This is why my house gets to stay like junk in the summer. I have winter #SeasonalDepression ... so in the summer... I am all about soaking up the sun.
    My husband was nice and sprayed the fenced in part of out backyard so all of us could be less attacked by the mosquitoes and enjoy the outdoors more. We all love being outside. We prefer it. I just want to hybranate in the winter. The issue? I gained sooo much weight. It js super slow to come off. I went from a 7/8 to a 14. 💯😳🤯 So... I had NO pants or shorts to wear. My legs tough and I am chafing. #Myhusbanddoesntunderstand any of my issues. I told him I don't care what he thinks about my weight! He doesn't have to deal with any of the pain from any of it. I am bigger than I was pregnant with ANY of my kids.
    #Stress is NOT my friend on multiple levels. 😒 Even my Chiropractor noticed my new issues and how stressed I am. 😏
    Dealing with a new mid-teenager that is a #higfunctioningspecialkid adds to the chaos of the house. We also have one that is not yet a preteen but acts like he is... he deals with #PTSD just like my husband (#combatveteran ), so.. different causes... but, not helpful for the energy of the house.
    I #venttoafriends some... but, we don't all have the same environment.
    Thanks for listening❣💯🥰