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    Welcome to the anti-Facebook: an online community built around compassion, honesty, and talking about the challenges we face without judgment. Explore our groups, formed around specific health conditions and shared interests, and find people who really get you!
    While you clean the kitchen, we'll bring the sparkle

    Our Mighty Podcast gives you a hands-free way to join in on unabashedly honest conversations about the health world. Give it a listen today!

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    Worn out? On your last nerve? Need kind words or a positive thought? That's where Lift Me Up comes in. The group's members come together to help encourage each other through tough times. They'd love to pick you up too.
    The intersection of parenting and health can be found in so many forms: Parenting children who have health conditions, parenting while managing a health condition of your own, parenting adult children with long-term health challenges, and more. Point is, your situation is unique, so allow us to offer support unique to you. Email us, tell us your story, and we'll send you resources we think may help you!
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    The Mighty provides a safe online community for people with health challenges, but also for the people who care for them. There are tens of thousands of parents on The Mighty leaning on, and learning from, each other daily. Come on in and join the conversation!

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