Anyone want to talk? I’ve been living with PBC for almost 5 years. I knew something was wrong before but it wasn’t showing it’s ugly head. Mine is the pain it causes and the constant fatigue and not being able to live the life I had. I morn the old me. I have limitations now and to be honest I push myself, one life to love one life to lead, I try to stay very positive and love to travel. Love my family and my pets, I’m tired of letting this rare disease become me. Had a biopsy earlier this year and stage 2 and start of cirrhosis. Was a big shock and again had my pity party! But it’s changed me, now I’m trying to eat cleaner and stay positive. Have several good PBC friends who are now on the liver transplant list. I pray I won’t ever get to this stage, but we know how fast our lives can change with PBC, stay strong sisters and brothers.

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