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    × " I Work Hard And 8 Hours 5 Day's A Week... I'm Allowed To Rest And Not Do Anything " × #venting Again Sorry

    × " So I Have Been Looking For Affordable Place's To Go.. Or Find Any Income-Resricted Apartment's Or Studio's.. Plus Roomate's... I Have Already Had An Uncomfortable Experience With Some Random Dude.. Offering Me A Move-In Deal.. Rent Free.. Unless I Let Him Sleep With Me.. I'm Not That Type Of Person.. But People Are Not Honest And Trustworthy Nowaday's Anything For $$$.. I'm Just Looking For A Decent Affordable Place.. That Has A Bathroom... I Hate Sharing.. Because Of The Experience That I'm In Now... The Guy's Never Clean The Bathroom That I Have To Share... And I Also Constantly Clean It... And Also Never Clean Thier Dishe's I Alway's Do It... But I Have Stopped So They Litterly Leave The Kitchen Dirty And Then My Sister Get's Mad At Me For Not Cleaning... Like W.T.F... It's Not My Responsibility To Be Picking Up After Everyone In This House... I Give $135 For My Phone & Pay Thier Water Bill... And They Wash Every Day And Expect Me.. To Dish Out More Money.. I'm Trying To Save I Only Have $700+.. At The Moment.. And I Don't Think That I'm Going To Earn A Raise Anytime Soon At This Job.. They All Treat Me Like I'm A Bother.. I Applied For This Stupid Disabilty And Got Denied I Work A Full-Time Job... So Obviously I Don't Need Disabilty Yet... And My Family Doesn't Seem To Get It.. That Ssa Looks At Everything.. They Obviously Know That I Have A Full-Time Job. The Rent In Austin Is Insane And Unaffordable.. I Buy My Own Grocerie's Which I Spend Between $30-40 My Miscellaneous The Same... My Uber Ride's Are Between $6-$7 But That Everything Is Going Up My Ride's Are My Biggest Bill At The Moment. My Sister's Husband Has Been The One Harassing Me To Move Out... More.. This Morning I Gotta Text Saying Look For Apartment's ASAP.. Which I Have Been .. They Think I Spend All Of My Money Which I Don't... I Treat Myself Once In A While Delivery.. And I Don't Go Out Anywhere Unless I Really Need To. " × #PeopleSux ☆☆▪︎ S.K. ▪︎☆☆

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