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What a mess but something good came out of it.

I was brought into an internship I didn't want. And had talked to my higher ups. My mom thinks that things will get done just bc she knows people. Well its not always like that there are procedures and things like this go through a process. Sure things were messy but they cleared uo quick. And for once I was treated like an adult who had choices to be here with my internship. So I gave myself about 6weeks in the internship with days off so I can have reset days. I had a heart to heart with somone who is also willing to help me. I also know that I'll have to leave on my good terms with my folks. Instead of just springing my moving out on them. I love them dearly but I need to leave that house already. #Postitivethoughts

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Positive #Postitivethoughts #changing #Feelinggood

I have accomplished something! I haven’t felt suicidal for about a month now and it feels amazing :) I’m still taking my medication but I’ve got a different outlook on life and it really has been mind over matter for me. For years and years I have battled with mental health and I feel like I’m finally starting to take control. I know it won’t get better over night but I am in the right path. I feel like sometimes we only focus on the negatives because we are so used to doing it but think of how far you have came 😀😀😀

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