I’ve been told that my posts are sad and that I need to just “move on” to get over everything I’ve been through these last two years. It’s really not that easy. The upcoming holidays are the worst. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Random FB memories with meaning. Old pictures. They’re all horribly painful and the feeling of loneliness and not being wanted surges through my body like venom. I even created a private FB group to post thoughts to just so I didn’t feel like some outcast and that I was being judged by my posts. No more. I’m not sorry that my posts are sad...because I am. Heartbroken describes it better. When something in your life happens that you never expect...those feelings are normal. As much as it sucks, it really is ok. I struggle daily with my depression still, but I will not hide my feelings and cover them up just to look happy on the outside when I know different on the inside. I see sadness in my eyes when I look in the mirror. I hate it, but I’m trying to find the happiness still and will continue fighting for those that can’t or won’t. #ItsOKMan #mightymen #dontgiveup #realmenhaveemotions #bigboysdocry