Last time, I learned that to be happy is a choice.  But it is not the only choice.

With depression, sometimes to be honest is better than to be happy. To be brave to face that what is real involves spending moments in dark and low places in life. In reality these moments lasts for days, months. They are like waves which shifts in high and low tides in a year. I cannot always choose to be happy, that is the truth.  Sometimes depression worsens because I choose "happy" and I know it is fake. 

I can choose to feel and face the pain, the dark and weak parts of myself. Sadness or loneliness is in reality, necessary. When I choose to deal with them it helps me to move forward and commit recovery. It is a process. In that process I am able to see other options, when choosing to be happy will not really work. #Recovery #recoveryanddepression