#RelationshipsSo yest#step erday I walked away again. I feel like I've nothing left.

I find myself arguing with the sk 8 and 9 asking them to do little things like going to take the pet a walk, picking dirty washing up, brushing teeth etc etc and getting a flat refusal so disheartening.

And to then myself be corrected on how I go about parenting them in front of them is demoralising. I feel like I can do no wrong from right.

It feels like I'm the one who has to make the changes to how I interact with them, trying to get them off their gadgets is such a nightmare.

My own kids have grown up and I didnt realise how hard it would be trying to settle into step parenting.

I did enjoy the early days but the last year has been hard for both my Wife and I,
Perhaps it's for the best that we do split up and we can try to both move on.

My wife really does care for me though and I know it's hard for her with me doing this #stepparent