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Dear Prednisone, I Would Not Be Where I Am Today Without You

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Dear Prednisone,

Happy anniversary! Man, I can’t believe it has been five years. We have had quite a wild ride thus far, haven’t we? You came into my life when I had hit rock bottom and you were the perfectly timed companion that I needed. Before you showed up I was barely holding on, I was having difficulty with simple tasks, and my nights were sleepless – often dreading the morning hours that were coming without you. But you came into my life and changed it in such a positive way, one which I never knew was possible.

Now, I know when we first met almost nine years ago I dismissed you so rudely after two weeks. I had listened to those around me tell stories of what a bad influence you would have on my life and how you would leave me wrecked and broken in the end. I feared the weight we would gain together and the sleepless nights we would spend together with worrying and crying since that is the track record you have left in my community. And honestly, at the time we first met it was probably too premature. I didn’t fully understand my condition or how you worked, and I certainly hadn’t hit rock bottom at that point. Our first matchmaker hadn’t really exhausted the proper options before introducing me to you. I also relied heavily on the opinions around me about your reputation – from both those who had met you and those who knew you by association.

Now it is true we have grown together. We sure do enjoy snacks. You really do like junk food, don’t you? I sometimes find it hard to convince you that we should have carrots instead of cookies and salad instead of nachos. But unlike the stereotype I knew of you, we actually sleep better at night with each other. You take the pain from me and that allows me to get good rest. Thank you for that. I know my experience is probably abnormal, but I know one of your other companions must feel the same relief at night. But my goodness, you do leave me a bit sweaty.

I guess what I didn’t realize was each person’s experience with you is so different. I wish someone had told me all the good you could do too, not just the bad. Not only did you tackle my inflammation, but also you took the immediate pain I was feeling and gave me back some energy I had been lacking for years. You allowed me a chance at a little normalcy too. I remember when we first met you were the perfect addition to the cocktail I was already taking and I was able to go bowling with my friends – the first time in many years. While it is true that my condition has now worsened, I still know you are trying your best at giving me what others could not.

So, I guess what I would want to tell people who are meeting you for the first time is that everyone’s journey is not the same. One person’s experience with you could be a totally different experience for them. But if a matchmaker is offering you, one should ask the matchmaker lots of questions about you and how you will improve their life. After all most matchmakers want the best for both parties, right?

Prednisone, I know many will disagree with this letter to you. But, I know I would not be where I am today had I not met you a second time and given you a chance. I guess I didn’t understand back then that in a low daily dose you could safely help me. I hope the warriors that need to meet you have the same improvement in their lives that I have had with you. Please be kind to my fellow inflammation warriors!

With sincere thanks,
Elaine Wiley

Getty Image by fizkes

Originally published: July 31, 2018
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