I walk along the road knowing I had a good sleep last night ... suddenly you need a nap.. right NOW! You sleep for 20-60 minutes because you know your body is always in fight mode. . You wake up...
...it’s the very next day. . The feeling of panic arises you and guilt because your lover has gone to work and left you to rest. You get up, turn on the coffee pot, enjoy your cup of coffee and think ... remember when I used to work a lot and was debt free? Remember when I could do things? I’m not thirty yet and I’m living as if I’m eighty. Remembering the time you could have fun, have memory and energy before you were robbed of this..
.. I still wonder what I did to deserve this. You play the cards you were dealt and you push forward anyway. I’m not asking for sympathy I’m not asking for anything.

I plead to be allowed to live a purposeful, meaningful, productive life.

I am not Graves Disease. I am a Human Being.