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The InBox I never remember is there.

I am not on here 24/7 and If you send me a message and a week goes by it’s because I’m busy trying to live and I’m on many other platforms. I am not ignoring you but if you block me because your pants are in a knot because of it I’m sorry but not all of us on here can be 24/7 . I have a brain injury and never remember to look in the message box even if I have notifications on. I probably will forget . So please don’t be rude because 24 hours went by and I didn’t see your message on here. If you block me I will block you. I have over 100k emails to get too. I do the best I can but I don’t sit here waiting for a message. This has happened now at least 5 times. #rude #Impatient #weareinthistogether .


Sorry to post again. #TheMighty

I feel bad for not enjoying talking to a cousin. The conversation is always the same and boring. I'M just not a fan of the phone. during the start of #COVID19 started he would call a lot during lockdown. I would always get #Anxiety if some one would call. And now whenever he calls he always asks to talk to my dad instead. He kind of feels the same like i do. But what can you do but be polite and talk. I guess he is just lonely. Does this make me #rude ?


Family Troubles

Most times I talk to my grandmother (who I live with, along with my grandpa and brother), I either get criticized or she tries to start an argument.

If I come home from work tired and she's cooking, she'll tell me about how I should be cooking because my future husband is going to come home wanting a meal. To be clear, I don't even ask her to cook. If she didn't, I would find my own meal.

I'm currently engaged and she's already (very rudely) unloaded her opinion on me about how she thinks I shouldn't get married. That conversation lasted at least 30 minutes despite me telling her multiple times how I didn't want to talk about it.

She's initiated a couple of conversations about trying to keep my dog when I move out. She was implying that I wouldn't care for her, ignoring that I've lived on my own before with my dog. There was nothing reasonable that should have even put that idea in her head.

It's everything we discuss.

The things I do aren't good enough, and the focus is always on what I don't do.

Now she and my grandpa are telling me that I've had an attitude problem for weeks. That's because I'm ready to move out, get married, and have my own life where I'm not constantly criticized.

I'll admit I've said things (like "I need to move out") and I've had an attitude. I also don't open up to them very much, for good reason! I've felt over the years that things I'm excited about are rained on by them. That plus the criticism doesn't lead me to talk very much about my feelings.

She told me today that I've been acting like "a spoiled brat" and that I want to be "treated like an adult (I'm 21), 'Don't get in my business'" but that I "just want to be on the recieving end of emotional support."

She does give me some support, but I also get regular doses of a blatant lack of support.

I even have dreams about us arguing.

I know I'm not making the problem better, but I don't find myself caring too much.

Any advice? 🙃😐

#Depression #Family #Familyproblems #Grandparents #Dysfunction #rude #lackoffamilysupport #Relationships #Parents #Advice #help

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AZ healthcare sucks #HealthCare #Respect

I am speaking for myself. As someone with #ChronicPain , #ChronicIllness , and #InvisibleIllness , I really have a hatred for medical professionals who are condescending, and negligent to their obligation as a Doctor.

Maybe it’s just me but, through my medical journey I have met some seriously disrespectful, apathetic, and over all shitty Doctors. One of the few courtesies I appreacite above all else is being treated like a person. Being treated like a I am of lower intelligence, treated like I know nothing of my own diagnoses, and treated like an addict is so damn infuriating. I don’t understand why Doctors can be so callous to those who genuinely need the help.

There is no such thing as comprehensive or responsible medical care anymore. It’s just merely as business and when you question someone’s methods they get upset. It’s disgusting how many Doctors in America carry around this God Complex. When I need help ASAP I still question how I’ll be treated. Arizona has been the worst state I have ever dealt with when it comes to medical care. Just because a practitioner learned about doesn’t mean that they know all about it. I just wish people would respect those who suffer daily. You don’t have to fully grasp what we go through to respect what we go through. It’s called empathy which to me, it seems not many doctors, friends, or even family members are capable of having.

God forbid you ever question what a Doctor says. People need to realize that Doctors are not all knowing. It’s okay to get a 2nd, 3rd opinion. It is okay to do your own research before taking new meds. I get really angry being so belittled and disrespected by a provider. No one will advocate for you like you will. No one knows you, your body, or your tolerance more than you.

I refuse to just blindly agree with whatever a Doctor says. They’re not always right. There are times when I need help gettin my pain under control. I hates going to the ER to be treated like a drug addict. My GI and pain management Doctors have even told me to seek care at the ER if my coping skills don’t work to keep my chronic pain in check. I was so disrespected by an ER Doctor this evening. I left in even more pain, and was furious at how I was treated. I am going to call the hospital and the Supervisor tomorrow to file a report against the Doctor that did not provide adequate care. He refuses to even call my specialty on call services for my GI and pain management. I refuse to allow to be treated as inferior or less than. #baddoctors #rude #iamahuman #Respectme #Empathy
-sorry if any typos


Annoyed!!! #rude #thoughtless #selfishpeople #whytho

In addition to my usual crap, I have CV19. I’m so so sick. And I have a friend who 70% of the time is a decent friend. I have a firm policy that if a friend needs support (as in a real problem) it is fine to call 24/7. My friend texted at 2 am to tell me that someone at her school was leaving. That’s not a crisis, that’s gossip. She then followed it up with three back to back phone calls. I did not answer. I was ASLEEP. And now I’m so irritated I can’t go back to sleep. I’m sick and desperately need my rest. In addition to CV19, I’m in a full fibro flare. She knows full well about fibro/CV. She knows I only get out of bed to use the bathroom and scavenge for food. And on Sunday she blew up my phone because she thought she might have CV. I told her to get tested and she did. AND THEN WENT OUT AND ABOUT TO RUN ERRANDS. It makes me want to scream. Ugggggh. I really needed to just vent about this. So ruuuuuuuuuuude.


Thyroid is #rude #GravesDisease #Robbed

I walk along the road knowing I had a good sleep last night ... suddenly you need a nap.. right NOW! You sleep for 20-60 minutes because you know your body is always in fight mode. . You wake up...’s the very next day. . The feeling of panic arises you and guilt because your lover has gone to work and left you to rest. You get up, turn on the coffee pot, enjoy your cup of coffee and think ... remember when I used to work a lot and was debt free? Remember when I could do things? I’m not thirty yet and I’m living as if I’m eighty. Remembering the time you could have fun, have memory and energy before you were robbed of this..
.. I still wonder what I did to deserve this. You play the cards you were dealt and you push forward anyway. I’m not asking for sympathy I’m not asking for anything.

I plead to be allowed to live a purposeful, meaningful, productive life.

I am not Graves Disease. I am a Human Being.


#people #rude #Understanding #nomore #LateNightThoughts #scared

Now a days I Expect things to happen. I expect people to be rude,manipulative etc. I expect people to not understand me. Then when someone is kind and understanding it actually scares me a bit. I have come to accept that this is me. I’m not gonna fight with it there’s no point. It will create more of a struggle if I keep fighting it.


😱feeling better today, brother+dad in remission (!!)😱

my brother is in remission from #TemporomandibularJointDisorders and #Ehlers -danlos and #HashimotosThyroiditis and #RheumatoidArthritis and #sjogrens AND #AutonomicDysfunction after working on it for 3 years. Totally happy for him, but the bastard rubs it in my face ALL the time #rude but he exercises for FOUR HOURS every day and MEAL PREPS and cheats once a week (surprisingly) but his synthroid dose is going down cause his antibodies have gone down SIGNIFICANTLY after three years (being diagnosed at 14, me at 8) .

he went from i think ~160 to 125 which is pretty big disease wise. meanwhile, i’m 60 pounds less than him and i’m 5’2 (supposed to be 5’7, platelets closed from excess estrogen, still pissed but i’m a cute leprechaun so it’s okay) whereas he’s 6’0, EXTREMELY fast metabolism and he has to eat 5000 CALORIES to gain a POUND a WEEK. i eat a reeses and i gain 10, unfair and my dose is going up to 100.

only two doses away, kinda worried cause i know as you age it goes up. plus IMAGINE how much he’ll rub it in once he passes me, now getting better is just a competition within my diseased household. smh