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    Your Heart Knows The Way .. Run In That Direction

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    Thoughts on Being a Guest House

    #lyme #ChronicIllness #rumi #Art #Healing

    Rumi's poetry has always resonated with me and I've been thinking a lot about his poem, The Guest House. It is by far my favorite - so much so that I used a small piece of it as the epirgraph to my memoir Messages On the Mirror: Lovenotes and Lyme. It helps me to think of my life as a guest house.... every visitor brings something. It's like they leave a hostess gift, though sometimes the things they leave are undesireable at first blush. It took me a while to actually see that #lyme the guest who trashed my favorite room, actually turned out to gift me with the resolve needed accept certain changes and build a new life, discover new interests and develop unrealized talents.

    Lyme trashed my house, so to speak.... Maybe the fact that I had to decide to clean things up and make things right was the gift.

    A talent I have discovered and have been developing is that I am an artist. I have paired my favorite line with my favorite painting. The elephant was emerging from the dark into the light, painted during lockdowns in 2020.

    You can read the poem here:

    You can find my memoir about Lyme Disease here: