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It’s time to bust these myths about living with schizophrenia.


People don’t really know what schizophrenia is.

Here are 4 myths about schizophrenia it’s time to bust.

Myth 1: People with schizophrenia are violent and dangerous.

Schizophrenia is not insane, psycho, crazy, mad, dangerous, violent.

From 1990-2010, 41 movies had a character with schizophrenia that engaged in violent behavior.

But in reality, a person with schizophrenia is more likely to be a victim of a crime than to commit one.

Myth 2: People with schizophrenia have multiple personalities.

One of the first questions the HR person asked was: “So do you think you’re two people?” And no, schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder.

Myth 3: Hallucinations go away as soon as medication is taken.

Medication can help, but it doesn’t mean all the symptoms just go away.

Still, people with schizophrenia can live full, productive lives even while “hearing voices.”

Myth 4: Hallucinations are the only symptoms.

People with schizophrenia can also experience delusions, social withdrawal, and blurred emotional responses.

These disorders can also give you very poor ability to focus because your thoughts are so disorganized. Your thoughts are so fast. They’re racing in your head. And it’s kind of a mental overload. You just can’t focus on the outside world.

People with schizophrenia deserve to be understood. It’s time we start listening to them.

Calling anyone with a mental disorder insane, psycho, crazy or mad is insulting. And it’s almost always incorrect.

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