I find 80’s music calms me down and takes me back to a good place. I have different lists for different emotions and different places - I have an ED (eating disorder) list for when I see my ED team or go to the day hospital. I then have a list for the car (well I have a few) that depend on my mood. I use music to calm me, lift me up and also help with my pain levels.

My iTunes is a complete mishmash of anything from the 60’s to today’s music.

I love Boy George, Wham, U2, George Michael to Dionne Warwick, The Eagles, the choir from the royal wedding (can’t remember its name) and some film soundtracks.

I enjoy putting the lyrics to my moods and I adore singing but I honestly can’t sing - I love singing Queen at the top of my voice and I have a wonderful soundsystem in the car (Bose) and I pity anyone at traffic lights!

I have the same make headphones (Bose wireless) and I sing along in the house when it’s empty! My poor dogs run for the hills ;-)

When I had my knee replacement I relied upon music to get me through the weeks stay I had to endure in hospital as I don’t deal with hospital stays very well!

I have apple headphones in my handbag in case I have to go go hospital and I make sure my playlist is always up to date adding new music.

I am so sad I have seasonal playlists! Music to lift when the days are short and cold and music for Christmas to lift my mood as this is a day I really don’t look forward to - I love the music but I detest the run up and the day itself!

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