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Mental Health Playlist #Musicforthemind #musicforemotions

I was inspired by a recent post I saw about needing song ideas for a playlist and thought I would reach out and get some ideas from everyone. Music is my go to for really anything. Huge fanatic. I’ve decided to make a mental health playlist and want everyone’s input/suggestions/ideas on songs. Mainly listen to singer/songwriter genre but I’m up to trying anything out. Honestly I’ve got a few playlist that range from NF -> Carrie Underwood -> Paula Abdul -> Foriegner -> Demi Lovato (her song “I love me” has been on repeat).
Any help would be appreciated ❤️😊😉❤️

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Dissonant Music to Calm Down?

I find when I'm struggling to keep myself together and when nobody in my environment is being particularly understanding of certain very necessary needs when I'm overwhelmed I tend to get in a very dark pitch black mood and the only way I've found that calms me down is to listen to very dissonant music until I fall asleep.
The artist who's music I find has the largest selection of dissonant music that helps is Tom Waits.

The difficulty with this is that everyone else in my family finds the music incredibly unsettling, which is understandable - it's music that doesn't sound good and isn't supposed to. I honestly don't know why it sounds so calming and helps me relax in those moments. Does anyone else have this experience with dissonant music helping them relax or calm down? Also, does anyone know how I can still use this coping mechanism without freaking out my family?

The song that I always listen to first before playing any other ones is Calliope by Tom Waits. It just feels the most relaxing when I'm at my worst. #dissonance #musicforemotions #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfcare


Different playlists for different emotions

I find 80’s music calms me down and takes me back to a good place. I have different lists for different emotions and different places - I have an ED (eating disorder) list for when I see my ED team or go to the day hospital. I then have a list for the car (well I have a few) that depend on my mood. I use music to calm me, lift me up and also help with my pain levels.

My iTunes is a complete mishmash of anything from the 60’s to today’s music.

I love Boy George, Wham, U2, George Michael to Dionne Warwick, The Eagles, the choir from the royal wedding (can’t remember its name) and some film soundtracks.

I enjoy putting the lyrics to my moods and I adore singing but I honestly can’t sing - I love singing Queen at the top of my voice and I have a wonderful soundsystem in the car (Bose) and I pity anyone at traffic lights!

I have the same make headphones (Bose wireless) and I sing along in the house when it’s empty! My poor dogs run for the hills ;-)

When I had my knee replacement I relied upon music to get me through the weeks stay I had to endure in hospital as I don’t deal with hospital stays very well!

I have apple headphones in my handbag in case I have to go go hospital and I make sure my playlist is always up to date adding new music.

I am so sad I have seasonal playlists! Music to lift when the days are short and cold and music for Christmas to lift my mood as this is a day I really don’t look forward to - I love the music but I detest the run up and the day itself!

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