So I have video visits with my therapist. I started “seeing” him while covid was hanging around. I chose to continue the video visits instead of in office. I’m good with this.
First let me say I believe therapy is helpful.
Second, this therapist was referred to me by my pain management not someone I had chosen. My previous therapist “fired” me. I usually choose women over men because fair or not no matter the education I feel maybe women get women more than the male therapist can.
So to get to the point of this post…. I had a visit this last Friday. I was talking to him and the man fell asleep. That’s right dozing, eyes closing and slowly opening.
Wow! I finally just stopped talking to see how long it would take him to snap out of it. It didn’t take long. Still I k no ow I’m not the most “exciting” patient, my issues may be less to some but they are things I need to work through. When ending our session I told him “maybe your next patient will be more exciting and interest ing for you. I swear the comment went over his head. Would you continue with him and give another chance?? #sevendwarfsigotsleepy