It's 02:20, I should be asleep: but I'm not! I have to get up for work in 4 hours but my brain is racing. Which led me to this thought:
My anxiety is like driving a car on the motorway with a faulty bonnet lock. It looks fine and seems okay until it flips up, smashes your windscreen, obscures your vision and forces you to come to a complete stop, if you haven't already crashed. It causes absolute chaos and blocks your view of the route ahead. It stops you being able to plan for the future and it just happens in an instant: no warning light, no background clicking to tell you there's an issue, just a bang, a crash and if you're lucky you stop before anything bad happens. If you're not lucky you end up with a messy aftermath and some serious apologising to do!
You can mentally prepare for worst case scenarios as you drive, as you can in life, but until something happens you just don't know how you'll react. When that bonnet smacks you in the face it's difficult to react in anyway but with fear and worry, it doesn't even get any easier if it happens more and more often.
But everytime it happens we try our best to re-secure free bonnet and carry on with our journey, and ith the knowledge that the tiniest bump in the road could send us careening towards anxiety central!
#shouldbesleeping #Anxietythoughts.