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At The Mighty, we aren't just any old mental health site. We live with mental health conditions ourselves and know that no two people need the same things from us. That's why we make our recommendations a little differently ...
Depression can be isolating, but it doesn't have to be. Chat it out with the 30,000 others who get it in our Let's Talk Depression group.
Maybe a non-judgmental space to reflect about your week would help? Join our free weekly journaling workshop (every Thursday).
Our Check In With Me group is THE place for support. Turn your "meh" into ... a little less meh.
Maybe our "How to Talk About Your Mental Illness With Loved Ones in an Honest, Healthy Way" article can help?
Please forgive the shameless "Sign up for The Mighty" plug here, but we'd really like to have you join our community. Mental health is hard. We're here to help.