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    Including at this moment I've had a tough time ridding myself of being "hard"- as in being the macho, rough guy. That is a part of who I am. Collectively I am not that person. I used a mantra...reciting the word "soft", sometimes substituted with "softness" or "be soft". At first I feel as if I am lying to myself...forcing a mantra to "become". The truth is I don't want to be rigid or the tough guy. Firm, yes. Stable, always. But I want to grow to be soft, adaptable, peaceful. We start of soft with some tough structure to survive. Don't let that "cement" be your breath, your pace, your ears for listening. The rigidity will always be there. Find your soft side...let it grow.

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    Cuteness that kills

    I love my baby so much, and her cuteness just melts my heart. She loves having her tummy scratched. She’s rolls to expose her tummy when she wants pets, and it is just so cute. It kills me that my hands often ache too much to give her scratches for more than a couple of minutes. I wish I could pet her for hours at a time. Luckily she is often happy just to have my hand on her. #RA #RheumatoidArthritis #ache #Jointpain #catcuddles #Soft