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    I just joined here because I've been unable to work and my therapist wants me to consider getting on disability and learn more. Nice to meet you all. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Migraine #Fibromyalgia #Jointpain #ADHD


    Anyone else experience this?

    I was wondering if anyone else has flare-up…cycles? If so, do you know why?
    For me, I have GI symptoms, muscle and joint symptoms, and neurological symptoms associated with my condition. When I begin a flare up, the GI symptoms flare at once, then once that flare ends, it triggers a joint flare, then when that one ends, it triggers the neuro flare up. Like, each category has to flare before the whole thing is over. Is there a reason? #autoimmune #chronic #Seizure #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Jointpain #Inflammation


    Which meds?!?!

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with RA. I’m currently on Gabapentin and Plaquenil. My rheumatologist suggested Methotrexate or Leflunomide to be added. I’ve been reading up on both but I just can’t decide. I’m not exactly thrilled about either one! What has worked for you?! #AutoimmuneDisease #RA #Jointpain

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    My new normal? #Undiagnosed #Fibromyalgia #SeronegativeRA #RheumatoidArthritis #parentwithpain #Jointpain

    I've been icing my hand to cope with the joint pain. I had blood work from rheumatologist that can back "all normal" for RA. Next step is MRI on my hand. He thinks it's possible I have fibromyalgia. What am I supposed to do without a diagnosis?

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    Why those who identify as women so often dismissed by the medical profession?

    Horribly sad that this is such a universal experience. And I'm sure one that all those identifying as women can associate with.

    I'm currently living with the consequences of a UTI being entirely dismissed. Now I am in agony every day and sleep in short bursts.

    And the NHS wonders why so many are bitter and sue 🙃

    Something that also strikes me is that women identifying medical professionals do it as well. The internalised patriarchy is so strong within the global medical profession.

    #UTI #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #Endometriosis #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #MedicalProfession #NHS #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #BrainFog #ChronicFatigue #SinusInfection #PelvicFloorDysfunction #Pelvicpain #Jointpain #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Insomnia


    The grief of chronic illness

    Today I cleaned out my bedroom closet, something I had been putting off for about 19 months. I kept putting it off because I was holding out hope that maybe my health would change and I might be able to do some of the things I once did.

    Acceptance of my limitations is hard for me and I find myself grieving my old self more often. It’s not like I have ever been particularly “well” but I was somewhat functional, much more than I am now. So, back to my closet. I cried. Not for the actual clothes, shoes, or objects themselves but for the memories (I have an eidetic memory) I associate with each item. I cried because with each thing I took out to put into a storage bin I would think of something or someone I loved, I missed. Things I would wear to work, to see family & friends, to go to fun events, even down to a t-shirt I wore to clean the house (who would have thought I’d ever miss that?! Lol). These are all things that seem to be in the past now, things that I miss dreadfully. Now my closet is filled with clothes that can be easily accessible for doctors, nurses, diagnostics, treatments etc. The way I dressed used to be a part of how I expressed myself; it would give me excitement to try new outfits. Now, I feel sad, hopeless, and feel reminders of how uncertain my future is. I’m not ready to fully accept my illness or my limitations but I am trying to be realistic and be patient with myself along my journey. I’ve kept a couple special items in my closet just to stay hopeful but putting my things into storage is a first step for me to be ok with my limitations. When I am ready, I will donate my clothing to a Women’s shelter and the women’s jail in my area that helps inmates transition back to the community. That will be something that I can still give, something that I can still do for others which has been what my entire life has been based upon.

    This post was just a way for me to release my sadness and emotions I face around the losses that come with chronic illness and disability. Maybe others can relate. #ChronicIllness #Disability #Autism #CPTSD #ChronicPain #AutoimmuneDisease #Jointpain #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Fatigue #Gastroparesis #Endometriosis #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #Depression

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    Are Magnesium supplements a game changer for Fibromyalgia and joint pain? Maybe 🧐

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been off my Magnesium supplements for a couple of weeks (being cheap and waiting to sent a voucher I'm owed 😅😜) and what a difference!

    I had the WORSE flare I've had for such a long time. I've ordered new ones and thank goodness they'll arrive tomorrow, but I didn't realise what a difference it made.

    Has anyone else found that Magnesium supplements make a difference for you?

    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Jointpain #Depression #Anxiety #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #AuditoryProcessingDisorder