Allow me to present to you a classic Will Bassett story, one of many, I assure you.
#Police #Spies .
This afternoon I drove to the local shopping centre/mall. I parked up and was just about to get out of my vehicle when I noticed something strange, very strange indeed.
Almost directly across from me was a large white van with a man sitting inside it. He was on his own but obviously talking with someone on his phone.
What caught my attention though was what looked to be a very expensive surveillance equipment. What the English would call "an impressive piece of kit" or 'high end'. A pair of binoculars combined no doubt with cameras. This 'kit' was resting on what looked to be a rather elaborate tripod.
I turned around to look in the direction of the pair of binoculars' gaze and it appeared the white van man was looking at the people entering and leaving the main door of shopping centre.
A number of things came to mind. Firstly, his behaviour appeared to be shifty and/or dishonest. Secondly, who was he working for?.
I took photos and tried to act in a nonchalant manner.
I locked my vehicle's doors.
I had to something. Had to? Or needed to?
I phoned Queensland Police Link. The number you ring when you are hesitant and don't want to call 000 or 911 or 999 etc.
They took ages to answer.
The operative in the van just sat there spying and chatting.
I managed to keep up the appearance of being nonchalant as I could.
Managing only fleeting glances at the surveillance gear.
Finally a Police Link operator answered. I explained what I had seen, with some bravado. However, I must admit my conviction about the matter was gradually waning.
I was asked if I or other members of the public were in any immediate danger. I said no.
I followed that up by "I've never seen anything like this in all of my life".
Eventually he said he would put me on hold and that they might have to send the "local Police" around.
I risked blowing my cover by staring at the surveillance gear more keenly than before. First, with my prescription sunglasses and then with my ordinary prescription glasses.
It was all coming together. I quickly hung-up. I was now 90% certain about what I was looking at. It wasn't a combination pair of binoculars and camera. No, it was a pair of suction caps used to mount this man's gps/sat nav, resting on a fairly elaborate support!
To make up the 10% I got out of my vehicle as nonchalantly as I could and walked quickly up to the said vehicle for confirmation.
Yes, suction caps.
I don't think Police Link collect phone numbers at that stage of the proceedings.
However, your dishonour they did take down my full name and date of birth!
I hope you thought that was at least a tiny bit humorous lol
I thought it was hilarious