I get so tired seeing disabled stereotypes in the media repeated over and over with no new personalities. If you could replace one #stereotype with something more accurate, what one would you replace and what would you change?

some damaging #Stereotypes I’ve seen:

the “Tiny Tim” : Perfect, innocent angel with terrible health problems and no personality whatsoever - meant only to be pitied and show the main character how to be “good”

the “Captain Hook” : Evil villain with visible scars or amputations, feared from the moment the main character lays eyes on him- the scars represent some sort of inner evil

the “Joker” : bad guy who has devastating mental health problems yet somehow still manages to be the most powerful villain, like, ever - meant to be completely incapable of good because of their mental health

the “Batman” : hero who is constantly being subjected to terrible emotional/physical/mental trauma but never really gets help for it and is somehow... fine? Maybe troubled, but still functioning, popular, and remarkably not dead (didn’t they just get hit by a bus two minutes ago?) - meant to demonstrate how strong the hero is by showing how they can “push through” anything.

I’m sure there are more. What stereotypes bug you the most, and what would you change them to?