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    Dear parents/guardians: If your kid(s) is a teenager or if they become one, please listen to them | TW family, misrepresentation

    I’m so sick of the common trope seen in media like many TV shows and games that portray teens as “they think they can do whatever they want”, as folks with an attitude, or as folks who just talk back to their parent(s). I’m 20 1/2 years old, I don’t have kids or teens, but even I know that this is bullcrap.

    Please listen to teenagers, and for goodness sake, do not assume that them defending themselves or standing up for themselves is the pure same thing as having an attitude (my mother always made that same mistake when she used to be mentally abusive)!

    Especially if they’re not fully straight/heterosexual, if they’re transgender/non-binary/genderqueer/etc., polyamorous or non-monogamous, struggling with or identifying as a part of anything else that’s outside the societal norm, struggling with illnesses, struggling with neurodivergence/disabilities, or struggling with mental health and/or trauma. Please, I beg you. Don’t ignore them or excuse them for these ignorant stereotypes!

    #TeenagersDeserveBetter #Family #psa #MentalHealth #Teen #teenager #teenmentalhealth #LGBTQIA #listen #misrepresentation #Anxiety #Trauma #misunderstood #Stereotypes

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    Gender Norms

    I don't really understand why people take offense to men of any orientation being comfortable in women's clothing. It's nice to see people who are able to see femininity in the same light as masculinity. It's disappointing when that seems offensive to fellow women. #Thinking #gendernorms #Stereotypes


    What stereotypes of #Disability and #MentalHealth would you replace?

    I get so tired seeing disabled stereotypes in the media repeated over and over with no new personalities. If you could replace one #stereotype with something more accurate, what one would you replace and what would you change?

    some damaging #Stereotypes I’ve seen:

    the “Tiny Tim” : Perfect, innocent angel with terrible health problems and no personality whatsoever - meant only to be pitied and show the main character how to be “good”

    the “Captain Hook” : Evil villain with visible scars or amputations, feared from the moment the main character lays eyes on him- the scars represent some sort of inner evil

    the “Joker” : bad guy who has devastating mental health problems yet somehow still manages to be the most powerful villain, like, ever - meant to be completely incapable of good because of their mental health

    the “Batman” : hero who is constantly being subjected to terrible emotional/physical/mental trauma but never really gets help for it and is somehow... fine? Maybe troubled, but still functioning, popular, and remarkably not dead (didn’t they just get hit by a bus two minutes ago?) - meant to demonstrate how strong the hero is by showing how they can “push through” anything.

    I’m sure there are more. What stereotypes bug you the most, and what would you change them to?


    Fear and Awareness #Stereotypes

    Are They a ‘They’
    “There are so many aspects to embrace.
    Aren’t they gifts from God? I love Down Syndrome kids, they’re as gentle as lambs.
    I heard that they are always affectionate and happy.
    Do you mean to say that what I’ve always thought is not the case.
    They have a range of emotions?
    They all have strengths and weaknesses?
    Ok, but at least she’ll always be dependent on you.
    She will never live independently, have a job or marry.
    Oh my, I’ve been proven wrong.
    It’s true, that one is charming, is a model lives with her boyfriend across town.
    Oh so, they are not ‘they’s’. Each person may have an extra chromosome, but they are all individuals.”
    Fear of the unknown makes me feel
    Like having to sigh.
     Sometimes it seems like my deep breath in will suck all the air out around me.
    When someone makes an ignorant statement, I often find my fists balling up and my eyes growing wide.
    Listen to what is too often said. I hear ignorance and fear.
    I taste the bitterness from some tongues to alienation in other ears.


    Anxiety in High School: Counseling

    I'm a closeted trans F to M. When I was in grade 10 I headed to the school counselor for anxiety. She wasn't exactly the best counselor I know. I was asked to write about being "positive" over and over again every time I got anxious. She wasn't a very good listener. When I failed my math seatwork she just said "well other students get zero" which was fucking unhelpful for a million reasons. I thought that this was the way "counseling" should be so I just rode along with it.

    But I remember one time when she said something hurtful to me. It was "It's part of being a girl. Girls tend to overthink unlike boys" First of all I don't know where to begin in explaining how wrong this statement is. Okay I understand that I'm not out but it just was not fucking useful AT ALL. It didn't remove my anxiety, it added to it. It triggered my gender dysphoria. It perpetuates negative stereotypes. It tells you you're doomed to have anxiety for the rest of your life. It tells you that everyone's anxiety is the same.

    #Anxiety #Counseling #HighSchool #LGBTQIA #Transgender #Stereotypes #GenderDysphoria


    Chainlinks  #MightyPoets

    We clad a different type of accessory
    One that is not meant to be,
    Like how I wear my heart upon my sleeve
    Or how you have a mask to hide your grief.

    A chain of toxicity and stereotypes
    Laid down one chainlink at a time,
    By all those who contribute to fuel
    Every stigma that that you and I continue to feud.

    Ignorance cannot be allowed as an excuse
    By all those who feign to dispute,
    That they have our best interest at heart
    When we know they voluntarily take part.

    We bear the cross, we wear that chain
    That grows heavy with rhinestones of pain,
    We allowed them to fashion chainlinks of every type
    It's time to break the clasp, it is time for us to rise.

    #socialissues #MentalHealth #breakthestigma #selfcare #Stereotypes



    Why is it every time I say “I suffer with OCD” you get the omg same I’m so neat and tidy or I like hate dirt too or something like you have no idea what it’s like it’s much more then that!#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Stereotypes