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Sometimes, miracles are just good people with VERY kind hearts, that God has sent you. I'm starting think God has a sense of humor when it comes to days not so well like today. He sends us these humans who are filled with the Holyspirt in them and they come right in and everything around you starts to feel, smell, taste, and u most certainly think so differently than you did before & then God also steps in and says "I see you, I also heard you, be still My daughter and let me take control" its comical cause he did just that on the day he sent me a blessing in Human form yet I secretly think he is hiding his wings just to be an Angel in disguise in this world showing those who need it, some of his Light and the darkness truly fades away. God is so funny! This new experience is starting to feel like God is telling me about the prayers I've prayed lately and he is saying "child you did what I asked and now you shall receive" I just wasn't expecting to get such blessings in two consecutive days. They may be only a small gesture of kindness but that is what most would think, but NOT ME. It was a BIG gesture and it was on a day like today and I mean today was truly very tough and sad day for me. I feel as if some birden was lifted and this is a sign from God telling me there are’people like myself who want you to be happy and healthy #stevenfurticksermons #whenyoufeelweak #Amen #TheMightyismorelike -> #TheAllMighty #Digginthisafterall