Great first day teaching my new 8th Grade Science classes…with my shoulder aching, knee injury, little sleep, while on my scooter. It was NOT easy.

Love my kids already though, and that helps me “just keep swimming”.

I’m so fortunate my classroom is truly spacious so I can still get to the kiddos at their desks despite being on 4 wheels.

Just wanted you all to know, I share my condition with the kids for MANY reasons:
- they are curious, and we ARE in Science class where I want them to ask questions & explore!
-so they can see not every disability is visible
-to encourage them to always be kind-we have no idea what people may be facing in their lives
- to know that different doesn’t mean “other” or “less”
-success is a mindset-no matter your challenges, with the right perspective you can still succeed

Some of the kiddos I’ve taught before stopped by my class, and remembered about my condition and seeing me in my scooter, asked if it was flared up, and showed they were concerned for me. What a gift it is to use this condition to teach real-time compassion to our future society.

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #disabilityawareness #studentsupport #sweetkids