I just got back from the gym, I unpack my bag, and I look at my husband and think, today is not so bad. As soon as the thought popped in my head I felt scared. And relieved. And worried.

'What if I overreacted last week? How can I tell people things suck when sometimes they don't? Am I fixed, shouldn't I be working more then? What if it's just today, and tomorrow will suck again?'

So, last week I wrote something, and I didn't expect it to resonate with people this much. The comments were amazing and definitely helped me feel a bit better. We've had hard weeks, and I when I wrote my last post I felt it all.

Today, I don't know, maybe it's because the rain finally stopped, because people have been praying for us like crazy, because we have a new game plan, because I meditated properly, or maybe it's just luck. Today is not so bad.

I read a lot of things on The Mighty that are encouraging, but also a lot of sad stories that don't always lift me up. I thought, if I shared a bad day, I should also share a good day. Reality. And finding our way through this stuff either as a couple, or by myself is difficult on good days and on bad days. There's no tourist guide, no youtube video or podcast that can map it out for us. Maybe sharing about it together, right here, will help. #Depression #thanksforthelove #Gooddays